🐯A Sweet Escape To South Africa🐯

Scaffolding my life to the fullest…

Hey! Got my blogging ball rolling!! Sometimes I lose steam due to some toxic circumstances but as they said, don’t let your momentum be ruined by a single cockroach. So I just gotta let my mind flow and here we go.

Here’s a true story. Ofw routine- work,eat then sleep, with a lot of browsing the fb and ig in between. While browsing, I see people traveling here and there. Enjoying nature or snow, taking pictures of buildings and statues, hangin’ out to popular restos with their in demand gadgets, like okay, how lucky are they. I’ve noticed this trend, like if someone goes to this overrated place, others would delve and the heck they would go there too and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just saying. Haha

Well, so many things hàppen in life and it’s really exhausting and suffocating to be with your emo baggage shadowing you behind. Hard to people, hard to enjoy. Until one spike of event triggered me to take my step and say I gotta do this. It’s now or never. I’ve gotta say it’s just an impulse, not really part of the plan..But since certain events didn’t go as it planned to be, well then I gotta take my chances to be happy. Yup. I’ll go to South Africa to take a break from this very hard LDR relationship. To where my boyfriend is, it’s where my heart is. Haha

At first I was hesitant cus it’s gonna cost me a lot, but I’ve realized I’ve been spending tons on clothes,shoes,food which gives me temporary bliss, I’ve been a responsible contributor to my family fees and that gives me a feeling of satisfaction but at the same time feel burdened as well..And now maybe this is my time to be completely happy. To have the backbone to be brave in love (lol) and get rid of the walls of fear that keeps me caged in, break the should-be-the-man-doing-everything-to-the-girl tradition. Maybe I could do the other way around.

I have a 🌽 corny thought… I subconsciously sang Vanessa Carlton’s,

‘Cus you know I’d walk a thousand miles if I could just see you tonight’

And it made me think. Oh no, I can’t do that. That would cost me my job, my health, my skin and for sure I will not be able to reach SA on foot cus I’m not good in maps. (Yurrryt I’m taking it too literally) But here’s the thing, I’ll continue with the lyrics..

‘Cus I need you and I miss you, and now I will really fly to South Africa if I could just see you…If I could just hold you, tonight.’

Uhm,it’s all worth it. With him it’s all worth it. If the universe is conspiring to delay our plans to be together, to hell with the universe, we only belong to one earth it’s just a one plane ride away and I’m with this man.

Just like the 🌟 stars, our wonderful moments are countless and these photos I am sharing are just a ✊ fistful of it.

To the person who cared to take a peek on this blog:

Hey I’m not trying to make people jealous, ldr relationship sucks, it’s like a labyrinth. You might even have a better relationship than what I have. And hey, don’t think that my social life is full of highlight reels, that I am so successful i can travel anywhere…A Huge NO. I’m just like you…Full of afflictions and trials I have to go through with just a tinge of upper syndrome. It’s like trial happiness trial trial happiness..Trialtrialtrial happiness.. I’m just sharing this cus I’m proud of the açt of bravery I did, something I didn’t imagine to do in my entire life. I’m just like you, a human being constantly beaten by trials, dwarfed by the world, to the point of even limping and having a dramatic meltdown, but just like you, I DESERVE TO BE HAPPY. WE ALL DESERVE TO BE HAPPY.


For a moment i felt like I’m a proverbial breath of fresh air


Flights got delayed, parks were closed on Mondays so we just gotta take a lil nip in Walter Sisulo Botanical Garden. For a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down in the most delightful way. Yep, it’s a song haha


Like I can waltz the cradle even with a blindfold.

This is called the Cradle of Humankind. When I googled it I just find it amazing to take a picture outside. But as always, there’s more to it insulated inside. We had water rides touring us to different rock formation, lava, all something bout geology stuffs. So it’s like a sci-fi tour mainly tackling about evolution thing. It’s called Cradle of Humankind cus as claimed, the Australopithecus remains are found here. Do I make sense? It’s 0130h right now so I don’t know if I’m saying things straight. Hehe


He’s like the pleasant earthly smell after the rain


I believe in evolution except the theory of us evolving from apes. I believe in dinosaurs, Lamarck’s natural selection, Giants and the like but no not the thing with the apes please. Satan will say 20 truths for us to believe in 1 lie. That’s according to my mentor, Pres. Manahan. My God is not an ape.


If they claimed that this specific era is the survival of the fittest, I couldn’t have survived back then..a wild animal could have just devoured me while im smiling sweetly at the corner.


Elemento: wind, fire& earth


I AM THIS HAPPY WHEN I’M WITH YOU MISTER BREDENKAMP! Love you to the 🌒 moon and back



So we went to Rhino Park and get up close to the animals while strolling their home- turned- park. And this zebra is having the time of his life walking on our way, like he doesn’t care. YOLO zebra


I only see him in puzzles before. Happy to meet him. He doesn’t look happy tho. Poor lil thing, maybe he wants a more spacious wild.




Humbly kneeling, sweet appealing that he will stay with me no matter how beast I am. (Trying to look calm but actually I’m very scared inside)


I’m not that obvious, am I? These baby tigers are cute but still they are TIGERS, real tigers, and I hope they’re just cartoons


So I’m always at his back all the time actually haha


These baby lions are introverts. Don’t tryna burst their bubble. Oh my friends and sister are somewhat like them haha. No invasion of territory pls.


This is actually my food when I arrived in Dubai airport. Turkey cheesy bacon, it’s kinda costly but thanks to my patient who became my angel she gave me a pocket money as a result of my hardwork. Lol


I don’t know how to end this blog. Really not good in closure. Maybe I could try it with this picture of a great wall with a great guy photobombing it? Hehe


I’ll keep coming back to South Africa, I swear.

Sayonara, Japan🌸


Most of us were once addicted to watching animes- playing pogpags/text cards with their fave characters on it, singing japanese OSTs that we can’t even understood, feeling pretty like a sailormoon, pretending to be like Gohan and does the kame hame wave and so on. Remember when we had to run from school going home just to watch Doraemon? Or rush eating just to watch Ghostfighter? These kinds of madness are made possible, thanks to Japan. Never thought we could make it, visiting this very breathtaking country is really beyond our wildest dreams!

We’ve got 4 days but since we’re adults who need to slumber before we explore, we actually just got 2 days to tour Osaka.

We arrrived in Kansai Airport, Osaka, Japan at 12 noon. Though it was freezing cold, Super Mario & this mushroom humanoid gave us a warm welcome.


We were amazed with everything we see and the most astounding of ’em all is the bathroom. The toilet is automated, it has like a remote control in which you could just click a button & have a sitz bath, there’s even a bum cleaner, click it & a splash of water will sprinkle whatever you are aiming to be cleansed.


Even this baby changing station is so relaxing & comfy to my baby, he didn’t even cry like he’s used to cus he loved it. That’s him & Batang Tita.


We stayed in here, it’s nearby the bus station. We were actually clueless of the password of our rooms, Shadow Travel& Tours agency might be that very busy to arrange it with S-Crea. We actually picked this agency to not burden ourselves from these stuffs. I don’t know if they did it right. After we gave the downpayment, we were always seen-zoned thru chats. They assisted our family members to acquire the Japan visas. Then after inquiring from people, even a blogger already gave us the instructions on what trains to take going to our hotel, Shadow T&T changed our hotel the day b4 our flight & didn’t give us the password. Thanks for S-Crea for helping us out, they easily responded to our plea. So after that very hassle experience we were able to enter our own rooms at 5pm.



It’s so cozy staying here, everything we need is provided, including the umbrellas that we ended up not taking anyway that’s why it rained.

Day 2 Osaka Tour


We first visited the Osaka Castle built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. It’s a museum with 9 floors showing the history of Japan & Hideyoshi. I’ve learned that he’s a Lord from rags to riches, and when I say riches, he contributed much on Japan’s wealthy culture.




We were about to visit the Plum Garden near the castle but the rain chased us so we ended up buying souvenir umbrellas just to survive the rest of the day.


Here’s the tram we have to ride going to Osaka Castle.


These 2 guys in both ends are our extended family members, so blessed to have these calm & very understanding people added to our family. Hope it will last all throughout eternity.


Here’s our next stop, it’s an indoor attraction in which we could wear kimonos including geta slippers and have a tour to a japanese village of the past during the Edo era.





Heating up foods with stones or microwave ovens, which one would you prefer?

We finished the tour at 4pm and wolfed down foods that we don’t even understand just to fill in our empty tummies.

Hozenji Temple


Then before going home we visited this Buddhist temple, it’s located near Dotonbori._200229_082907_695_200229_082913_206_200229_082918_455_200229_082923_792

Arigato Gozaimas to our kind tour guide who represented Japan very well. She’s very respectful, calm & meek. She carried my baby that weighs a ton when they forbid me to carry him because I’m wearing a kimono. She even gave us very oishi chocolates as gifts.

Harry Potter World


Let us step into the World of Harry Potter & pursue that flighty, temptress adventure where our imaginations can go beyond limits.


Quentin-chan is fast asleep so he’s bound to his Dada’s chest.


Me awake now mums, where are u…


Lovin’ this chocolate frog, reminds me of HP and The Sorcerer’s Stone scene in the train when Harry, Ron & Hermione 1st met.


Battle of the wands. Dada used to read Harry Potter when he was in grade school, while I just started reading it when I was in high school. I was influenced by my friend Carla. We can’t afford to buy HP books back then so we just borrowed them from our school library. I love the Harry Potter movies, but a movie is not enough to contain all what’s in the book.


Just got sorted. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw & Slytherin, respectively. There’s no doubt about it._200229_084004_922

Quentinomoto: “Not Slytherin, not slytherin” (whispers)
Sorting hat: SLYTHERIN!!!!!!!
Quentinomot: Iehhhhhhh!!!! So what if I got an emotional range like a teaspoon just like Harry..why was he sorted in Gryffindor then? Nande????




Dada is longing for this Bertie botts. He can’t wait til my mums take a picture of it.


Lovin’ this cold butterbeer even if the weather is a chilla. Must try to make one, just need to mix butter, cream soda and caramel I guess. We got the mug as a souvenir of course.


Taking our baby with us to Hogwarts!


Elmo, Cookie Monster & Bert mascots were there willing to take pictures with us along the Sesame Street.


Batang Tito.
Quentinomoto: My Dada said I look like Tito Dimpowl


My mother sacrificed a lot for us & I’m just happy to see her happy. She’s way more beautiful & stronger than the rest of the family. It’s just that she’s a bit stubborn haha but we still love her. Love you mums!!!


I regretted not taking the Forbidden Journey ride so I went along with my husband, Alvin & my 2 siblings with this ride. I didn’t love it, I was so scared like Malfoy, I thought I’m gonna die, I just put all my energy holding on the bar and thought that Quentin needs me so I must conquer it & shouldn’t faint. Never will I go to a rollercoaster rides again.


We stayed from 9-4pm in the Universal Studio. We deserve a buffet since we skipped lunch. He all the time resists to sleep but this time he passed out. Haha. Nap time is life for my kwek-kwek.


So I have to wait for all the letters to be complete before I take a shot of them with this cliche universal globe.



Guardian of the Titans bun, anyone? It tastes yummy. Dunno what to feed my baby so I gave him a bite, he got loose stool afterwards.



Quentinomoto: Thanks to my Tita Kazo, my 2nd mother for taking care of me & letting Mama enjoy his japanese buffet. I love you lots, Tita.


Green mango or yellow mango. Both of them are candies to my eyes.


On our 4th day we have to fly back again to Philippines. It’s so tiring yet we were bewitched by Japan’s awesomeness. Bringing the Harry Potter World in their country is unbelievable, it seems so so real! Japanese people are very helpful & treat everyone with respect that you will be too shy to litter or do something silly in their place. The foods are all cute & delicious, it’s just that they are all packed, they come in handy but Quentin’s tummy are not used to it. It is sort of exciting riding on different trains, tryna talk in Niponggo with the Japanese people for instructions. It cost an arm and leg bringing the family together but the happiness they felt being in the Land of The Rising Sun  is priceless. Hope it didn’t end too soon but it has to anyway. To the well-organized mind, saying goodbye means there’s a next great adventure coming up. So for now, SAYONARA JAPAN.


Quentinomoto: I wanna stay here, mums!!!








Sugar & Spice, and Everything Nice 👶




Hi! Here’s my 1st blog about my baby…

Our Lil Quentin was born on June 18, 2019 at Danat Al Emarat Hospital, the 1st hospital I worked for in the UAE. The nurses who took good care of him were Maam Vienna, Carla & others (sorry if I wasnt able to ask the names). Thank you for L5 vip ward & Ms. Mona for giving us a comfy room & also for Ate Regina, the Lactation Consultant for helping me fulfill my pledge to breastfeed my baby exclusively.


Our Quentin is like a mystery we have to solve, it’s honestly draining. It costs me a bucket of tears, cracked nips, sore boobies, sleepless nights &crazy moments that made me switch into a wicked witch to my baby, I resented the times I did that.


When he’s crying like a grunter, we all wish that he would calm down & sleep. Yes, his cry is like the noise when someone’s starting a motorcycle or when the grinder is busy grinding the gravel. But when he does sleep soundly, it feels like a golden moment, I would stare at him & mumble the words, ‘I miss you.’ How ironic life can be lol.


He carried with him a pocket full of pixie dusts. He glittered lots of blessings in our life. Miracles have come & I am so grateful. My company has given us more benefits that will help me physically & financially. Friends & church members have reached out giving me food to eat, when I dont have time to cook while I’m busy puzzling my baby. I have supportive families on both sides, my mother in law helps me a lot in soothing the baby esp. when I snap, my husband tries his best to do his father duties at night to give me a spare time to sleep & my parents’ advice & listening ears have helped me get back to my sanity when I’m having those so-called-blues.


Another blessing we had was this opportunity to have a free photoshoot sesh from Sugar & Spice Studio. The photographer is very gentle & expert in handling my baby during the photoshoot. My baby slept all throughout, that ability is so grand, I could trade myself to a baby shusher gadget. All the photos are so stellar, makes me believe that angels exist here on Earth. It all looks like my baby is on a state of convivial solitude, thanks to the calming hands of the loving photographer. It will soon to open by the end of August in Deerfields Mall. They are doing home service photoshoot, free of charge with different packages starting at 1400 dhs only.
For newborn photoshoot here are the packages

Silver Package
2 set ups
5 photos USB only

Gold Package
3 set ups
10 photos printed & w/ USB

Diamond Package
4 set ups
15 photos printed & w/ USB

Platinum Package
5 set ups
20 photos printed & w/ USB

They are catering clients here in Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Al Ain. If interested contact 0505546566, # of the owner of the shop.

My baby is a mix of Len&Fred and everything nice. I am so into him. May God bless him good health & comfort. I hope we can mold him to be a gentleman like his Dada. I love you, my Quentin, my Najma ⭐, my Qamar🌙, my Galbi ❤, my life, my everything…. 🤱




The Babymoon in South Africa👶


Hi! Almost half a year of being dormant.. lucky that I have the time flexin’ my old coconut, so I shouldn’t let go of this momentum to grope for words & relay my experiences to you guys. We planned to have our trip to South Africa even right b4 knowing that I was pregnant. I really wanted my husband to be happy & I can say that our capade for 8 days are the best times he had in years.


Whenever I visit a foreign country, I would thoughtlessly say I will visit it again but the truth is I knew I won’t go there again since there are more fascinating countries that I would love to discover. I was thinking, what’s with South Africa other than the Safari? Never thought I’d be more astonished to this place more than ever. Just like detailing lyrics in a song, South Africa is more than the wild animals.



Last time I came here, I was single and the Gold Reef City Amusement Park was closed. How ironic it is that now that I’ve got a baby in my womb & can’t do rides, the entrance gate is  so wide open. Haah
We agreed to do the Gold Mine tour and while waiting for our time slot, we just carry on walking and amused ourselves with these picturesque places.


Gold Mine Tour

When we had the tour, they geared us up with the equipments needed in gold mining then we went underground thru a mining shaft elevator & they cautioned us that once there’s a power failure we might walk up coming back so it’s not advisable for expectant mothers. Stubborn as I was, I didn’t declare that I’m pregnant since I have really a penchant for underground discoveries. I bet the monumental ruins of the past holds a fascination for all of us.




Man’s desire for a big time gratification made it possible for him to sacrifice his time, health & safety…searching & digging for gold, it never came easy.





It’s too obvious that he gets frantically excited seeing explosive bombs and machineries. Things which most girls like me can’t relate into.


FOODIE 🍞🍔🍟🍕🍗🥞🌭🥩🥪🍧🍹


What excites me everyday waking up is the thought of eating. What’s up for breakfast? Lunch, dinner? What about morning snack, aftie snack, midnight snack? Here’s some of the food that we’ve eaten, the reason why I gained 2 kg in a week, deym.




Fred’s theory (it’s not Freud lol) is – tummy  satisfaction makes a happy wife. I aint gonna say anything, let these photos speak for themselves.

LION PARK 🦁🐯🐅🐆🦔🐿

Before we left Johannesburg, Fred & I got to bond with his sister Shelley’s family. We went for a self-drive tour in the wild.


They are so beautiful. They are the fastest so I made sure that the car door beside me was locked up.


Reminds me of the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy. I would really want to taste its big egg just like the actors did in the movie.


Hyenas. They were the enemies in the movie Lion King but I don’t see them the same way as the movie portrays. They are also beautiful in their own unique features.


Got to feed the girrafes with the kiddos 🦒



Got to cuddle the cubs again, I easily get frightened explains why I’m always at the back of my husband.


This lion cub has a cruel intention, he’s licking Dinè’s toes and the next thing we knew this cub is already running after her.



Uhm… I honestly dunno their names but the kids do. They are all familiar with these animals and I’ve realized you can’t just cage  in yourself in a room & self study, most of the times we learn when we go out & interact with people.


Thank you Shelley for letting us stay in your humble abode. These kids have grown wittily and lively. They are very respectful, sweet & caring to me especially Dinè. I hope I could raise my child same way like how these kids were raised.



Out from the busy streets of Joburg, here we landed to the peaceful place of Durban. First thing we did is we climbed up the hill together with Claire & family and yes including the dogs too.


Then we met these people and let lil Scarlet ride on their horse. I’m sure one of the horses name is Gunther. That did stuck in my mind.

In the afternoon, here comes THE BRAAI. After Church, the family came over to have a braai to welcome us here. All the big sausages, beef fillet, steak, porkchops, rashers, chicken sosaties are all perfection. I need rice tho. (Asian prob)


The Baby Shower


Much to my surprise, they organized a baby shower for us! I dunno what to say, I was too shy. I’m just an Asian girl surrounded by white people who are showing love to me and to think I am just new in their family. It is definitely God’s grace. I’m so grateful for the clothes, the lil dino and the mats & towels for changing nappies or for burping…oh I’m new to this kind of stuffs so I actually dunno how to use them but i will learn… I will learn soon.



The next day, we strolled Durban and Fred introduced me to some of their tourist spots. We went to the Japanese Garden, Minitown and Durban South Beach. I was not in the mood for these due to lack of sleep tho I was the one who planned this trip. Believe me, being pregnant is no picnic. You can’t just pick yourself and enjoy every moment. If it’s time for tantrums, I’ll feel gloomy for the whole day.










The next day, our goal is to have a day out with Granny Gladys. Fred & his family had lived with her Granny for 11 years so they are pretty close. Just being with Granny reminds me of my lola in the Philippines, oh how I miss her. I really had a fun time getting to know granny.

Butterfly Garden

We went to the butterfly garden had a quick tour and observation on how they metamorphosize from caterpillar to puppa ’til they spread their wings as a fully-grown butterfly. You can see that every stages of life is amazingly beautiful.


They feed on mangoes & oranges and it made me crave for nectars too. Lol


baby porcupines


Tarantula? This creature feels safe in granny hand.


We had a small meal on a cafe and granny told stories that gave me a silver of hope & weasel me back into my dream-building habit. I am inspired with her story how she became the 1st South African woman who owned an insurance company, how she had those achievements even after having 5 children. Honestly when I found out that I was pregnant, I cried & talk to my mother first because it’s not how I planned it to be. I don’t wanna get pregnant yet cus i thought it will halt my career & other dreams. But listening to granny’s success inspired me. A LOT. Everyone of us has the capacity to dream big, I dunno how beyond is beyond and that’s the mystery that I have to keep on unlocking.


Thank you Claire & TJ for accommodating us in your lovely home. I hope I could be a smart mother like Claire, she’s younger than me but she took care of me alot.. I don’t wanna embarass myself here but thanks for everything Claire.


So thankful of this man, I feel God’s love wrapped around me every time. He’s my angel here on earth.


I’m slowly removing the thorns that pricked him in the past, the shards of broken glasses that he mistakenly stepped into & the random regrets that come & go. In turn, he puts to calm my constant scream inside, he puts to rest my anxiety, lowers the pressure & just stay right beside me. I just love the fact that we’re together in carrying the crosses that we have to bear. We got this.


So thankful to Mommy Jillian for molding a good man like Fred. She sacrificed a lot for Fred and without her help we couldn’t have met here in Abu Dhabi. And to this lil clingy girl, pretty Scarlet Rae, I subconsciously miss you so much that I am acting like a baby to Fred and I even mimic all of your funny lines like “Uppie, cuddle, ice lollie, Uncle Freddie poopin” hahahaha.


When we travel we usually search for the beautiful spots and plan to visit all of them in our short stay. Once we are in that actual place, 2 things can happen, either it will fill you up with amazement and glorify the greatness of it or it can also dismay you like, okay, that’s it Minitown? In the Japanese Garden, the yellow tree is the only astounding stuff they have. What we can’t search of and can’t expect to happen is the learnings you acquire by meeting people. Surely no man is an island. Just by listening to their conversation & observing their styles are already jam-packed knowledge in my head. That’s the sweet hereafter. It’s more than the pixels. Peace of mind seeps back to me & my OB doctor was right, this vacation is a must-have. South Africa is already my 2nd home and I’ll say this again… we’ll keep on coming back, SA.


Nothing feels like HOME.🏠

Pale and pink. The differences don’t end there. It is more beyond the colour, our lives are completely changed and everyday we have to cope with it. Lifestyle, food preference (rice or bread), priorities and a lot more. We are still in the process of acculturizing for we’re stuck on each other’s lives now. One way to make it easier is to immerse him to the actual beauty of the Philippines and that we did last September. I’ve visited his place last year and have considered South Africa as my second home since then. Fred is really excited to visit my hometown and I am glad I didn’t let his hopes down.


In about an hour, we will reach Laoag City. He’s all giddy inside.


First off we did is to walk the dogs that were encaged for almost a month in our house. Those are Justice & Mercy with him and the one in front is our miracle baby, Romeo.


The Sinking Bell Tower

This is the only place I found historical in our place. It is called Sinking Bell Tower because it is mysteriously sinking an inch every year. (I didn’t even know about this before & yep I just googled it so I could say something about it while trying to be a tourist guide wannabe to my husband.) It was built during the Spanish Era so some 300+ years ago. (That is a thing I know of. It’s buried deep into my schemata.)


And of course, we got to attend the Church that knitted us together. He became fat after a week and sure he will get mad of me while reading this. He lose it all when he went back to Dubai, that’s how easy men lose weight. Everything is just so easy on them. They don’t even get pregnant. Dammit.


Im loving my eternal friends. Wish them all the best that the heavens could offer.



My father treat us family for dinner and Fred fell in love to the Crispy Pata dish. Well, I was just able to take a vid after we ate so, this is all I could share guys.


He was able to experience Kalesa (horse carriage) ride as well. He rode right beside the Kalesa driver.



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We went for a Lola’s day out. We pampered her with anything she wants to have but of course my granny actually aren’t after the worldly things, she just wants to spend time with us, her grandchildren, that’s all she asks for.



My mother’s hometown is in Paoay and my relatives there gave him a warm welcome. That’s him with my aunt, cousin& baby sister.


The Paoay Church. It’s one of the oldest Church in the Philippines. What more could I say? I’m too lazy to google.. I just wanna say it is truly captivating due to its enagmatic beauty.




Well this is the mystique Paoay Lake, it is well known that in the past, a Church stood in here. According to the grannies, this particular place sank because people goes to Church with the motive of impressing others of their expensive ornaments and dresses. Because they are too much prideful, God was angered and punished them by sinking this particular town.



Okay, so now we gonna check on those enormous windmills found in Bangui, Ilocos Norte.


He likes walking barefoot and I just love taking photos of him cus he’s so damn pretty. Yes he’s a pretty boy. How I wish he could do the same, but he can’t. I dunno if it’s just me not being photogenic or him being worse of taking pictures. He makes me look like an auntie in pictures & I don’t like it.


My loving mother. I love her so much. I pray for her to be healthy and fit always. I admire her selflessness and unimaginable strength. Mothers are amazing, I appreciate her even more as I enter new phases in my life.


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Isn’t he lovely? Isn’t he beautiful?🎶🎵🎶🎵

Gosh, I’m too drawn to him. I gotta stop.




My father translated it as Mount Hole. Well done, father, well done.


He is that happy 😊





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Fred loved walking in Baguio, it has lots of pine trees and he felt like it’s somewhat alike with Durban, South Africa. But then I think Baguio is more industrialized, there are too much buildings & traffics, the fog & the smoke are suspended in the air. Durban is a lot greener.



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Ate Feann and family tour us to different places in Baguio and I feel like thank you is never enough, they are too caring and nice. Ate Feann has been my mentor in life and I am so grateful I am one of her friends.


We actually went up to Baguio to accomplish something big. I’m glad my husband and siblings were there to support me as I inked a contract for a condominium in North Cambridge located in Bakekang, near SLU Annex. I just want to have something that could mirror my blood, sweat & tears. I couldn’t just let my money be sleeping in a bank, it has to be seen somewhere and it has to grow, so this is my personal decision. There you go people. Investment, insurance and travel can go along.  It doesn’t mean that if I travel, I don’t invest as well. And no matter what you choose in life it is fine as long as you feel fulfilled and you enjoy it.

I’m planning to have it as a restplace to stay with, but if you wish to have a transient stay just approach my brother Dimple Tabarejo contact #09754993185

The Last Night


On his last night, he asked me to go to Shakey’s because he heard from a friend that the pizzas are great there. And it’s true. He loved it.


Eye on the price, baby 👼IMG_20181022_164556_148

And here’s his favorite brownies. He ate 2 dozens while we stayed in Baguio overnight and before the flight my brother gave him another dozen as a pasalubong. Thanks Dimple.

There are still a lot of places for him to discover. I honestly don’t appreciate my hometown to be a tourist spot since I lived there for a long time and I am used to seeing those things. But seeing him react like everything is a wonder made me realize that seeing something new really amazes the eyes and makes you learn a lil bit more. I am happy I was able to visit home again. My family is my home and I will always go back to where I truly belong. I feel blessed that I have a husband now and I love him with all my aberrant hormones and constant pees. If you know what I mean. There’s gotta be more to life and I can’t wait for what’s next.


A journal account of a goal digger

This powerful adage keeps jabbing ideas on my frontal lobe prompting my body motor to key in my racing thoughts.

On the safe side, women will think that way, I was once one of them actually. Back when I was a kid, ideally, I wanted to marry an established guy that will make me feel like living in a bed of roses, that I won’t even need to raise any of my digits to do something ‘nymore. But everytime I brought this up, my mother would always say, “Han a dapat a kasita. Agsarak ka ti pada ni papam, marigrigat dati ngem nagaget a agubra para iti pamilya tayo.” (Don’t be like that, just find a man like your father, poor as he may, but is hardworking and has goals.) Back then, I just thought my mother has always a good way to brush up my painted fantasy. I have also thought what some people or relatives are accustomed in doing. What if I marry a guy from the States, even just a match up or a penpal just to live there in America then I’ll become rich. Then my father would rebutt me by saying, ” Han dapat a kasta. Han ka umasa ti sabali a tao tapno makapan ijay States. Makapan ka States by using your talents and intelligence. Mamati ak kenyam” (No. Don’t use other people just to enter America, you can go there by using your talents and intelligence. I believe in you.) By then I just thought my father has always a good way to make me believe in impossible things. But thinking about it now, I was raised by 2 good people always correcting me when I was having corrupted thoughts acquired by my social environment.

We are destined to do things, the plan of God always prevails but actually God given us the freewill to pursue what we will become. So I am an OFW for 3 years in Saudi and now 2.5 years and counting here in the UAE. Did I depend myself on a guy? Nope. I struggled to become an independent woman, I even planned to stay single til 30 but then our Plan Maker has his own tricks. I met my husband when I was 26, now married at the age of 27. Now, the reason why I’m writing this is most people in my place think that when you marry a white guy means you’re leeching over him. Well I want you to scrap that idea guys. I married a YOUNG guy who is struggling to reach his goals, just like I do. Practicing adulthood hand in hand, although we still do sing along with Disney songs while strolling on the car and throwing premature tantrums just to get each other’s attention. Haha. So maybe this is what being “joyful” means while struggling through the process of refinement.  We are both dreamers and still on our baby steps towards the ladder of our chosen careers. We have separate bills that we pay individually. We’ve got separate earnings, separate needs, wants, investments that we spend our money with. I’ve got a family in the Philippines that I support consistently and I won’t ever hand over that responsibility to my husband. Don’t judge us by our skins or races where we come from. My parents motivated me to be patient with my man and that I must be with him through the highs and the lows and I am blessed to have a guy who can handle my crazies. And I won’t give up on him, I know he can do greats things, I believe in his potentials.

There are some ladies who are full time moms and can’t work at the same time and I respect that. You are doing a great job. There are some ladies who juggled with being a mom and having a career at the same time and I respect that. Good job. Whichever strategy we choose in building our families I think will actually suit the needs that we have to fulfill. Let’s give a non judgmental approach into this matter, since all families are individual & unique, and your circumstances are different to mine.

These are just shared ideas, unstructured since I created my website as an avenue for a free text. Again blame it to my brain salad and my love for neologism.

*picture qoute c/o google


Our Beach Wedding in Seychelles 💐

When I was a flower girl in weddings, what I was always rooting for was the moment when I hear the words, ‘you may now kiss the bride’… Now that I am a bride, I am rooting for the moment when the officiator said ‘you are now HUSBAND and WIFE,’
that moment when we’re free to do whatever we want,
that moment when we turn our what if to why not,
that moment when our fantasies become living realities & can add them up to our happiness stash….



3 months before the wedding we were just planning casually, like we did last year, no tentative dates but if our circumstances permit, we want it the soonest. Delays got me down last year due to time constraint, idea conflicts & bi-national marriage issues.

1 month before the wedding, still I didn’t feel any excitement… I was even perplexed that I am more looking forward to the Backstreet Boys Concert on April 20 than my wedding on April 3. Could you imagine?

Then a week before the wedding, I started having cold feet & hiccups praying everyday that everything will turn out fine. When I received the itinerary for our big day, tears welled on my eyes but I used all my might & strength to stop my emotions to flow that time cus I was at work & had to deal with a toxic patient.

A day before our flight to Seychelles, I didn’t really prepare that much… I just put on my usual yoghurt mask, that’s it. The rest was making myself happy by watching My Gf is A Gumiho w/ my roomie, Carla.

I actually never dreamt of a beach wedding.
Fred has a church friend who’s also married to a Filipina and they recommended Seychelles where you could just rush in for a wedding, only copies of birth certificates & passports are required, that’s all, thanks. No more freakin’ authentication and extra papers that are so useless.
I didn’t have any hassle organizing it cus the agency wedding-in-seychelles.com  did it all.

Beach Wedding Package
– 7000 dhs (including all legal papers)
Guesthouse-1000 dhs (3nights)
Flights- 2000 dhs (discounted special tickets from Emirates Airways orig price is 5600 dhs)


It was such a relief that God did help us carry our financial load all through out the way… we opted for a guesthouse- we had our room, own kitchen & veranda. It’s self catering, so we were able to act out our role as husband and wife living on the same roof, something that we could hardly do when we come back to UAE since he’s working in Dubai & I am working in Abu Dhabi Western Region. Plus, it’s just 2 minutes away from the beach.

For my wedding dress I just bought it online in Jollychic for 120 dhs& the shoes maybe 30 dhs & the rest of the accessories 50 dhs. (Yes, im a thrifty buyer, addicted to online shopping. I’m good with the cheap & fancy ones since I will only wear them one time)
I had no proposal, I really didn’t like that… I warned him not to do it, I didn’t want things to be OVERLY DRAMATIC. (No offense to others who had proposals. Girlfriends, I did watch your proposals, I even cried cus I am genuinely happy for you guys) I only got my wedding ring & it’s not even costly, I forced him to not buy expensive ring for me cus heaven and earth knows, including all of my families, I WILL LOST THAT RING, sooner or later. (You better watch out Fred.)

April 2
We had our flight at 0855h, I had my day duty on April 1, after my duty at 8pm, I quickly went home for shower & pack my stuffs, Fred fetch me up & we drove all the way to Dubai Airport. We arrived at 1am and Fred was so nervous & making me feel all dizzy, him walking back & forth for 5 hours. When our tickets were clinched that’s the time that we became excited again. He was too nervous because his staff ticket will just be confirmed on the day of the flight. So we were praying for 5 hours with real & pure intent. (I’M SURE ALL THE TRAVELERS OUT THERE WOULD AGREE, BELIEVE ME THERE IS NO PERFECT TRAVEL. DISASTERS ARE ALWAYS ALONG THE WAY. BUT THAT’S THE BEAUTY OF IT.) We even didn’t know if our chauffeur from the guesthouse will arrive cus theres no confirmation but again thankfully, we saw a man holding a sign board w/ Fred’s name on it. We arrived at the guesthouse & had a rest for some time…then had a walk along the beach on the late afternoon and shop for some groceries. We ate our dinner & prayed before we sleep.

April 3









Hey babe, I’ve got no vows
Lets get real, ‘que sera sera, what will be, will be.’ 🎶
I’m gonna marry you so that even if I’m tired & toxic from work, when I come home there’s still you who loves me.
I’m gonna marry you so that someone will cook for me when I’m hungry & lazy.
I’m gonna marry you because eating alone got me lonely while eating with you is oh so lovely! 😄
I’m gonna marry you cus 2 is better than one, it’s not just a maybe Taylor Swift, it’s for real. 🎶
I’m gonna marry you because I wanna discover the other worlds & I need some company. (just cus I’m not good with directions 😓 haha)
I’m gonna marry you because of the imperfect you, that fits the imperfect me & we a work in progress baby…
I’m gonna marry you cus I love you retard but you love me more, your freak wifey. 💏
As I outline your face with my fingertips, I am glad this is not an illusion.
Thanks for saving me from my hopeless drudgery…
Together we will battle our own Goliath or Captain Hook in life, we will shove the Icebergs, soon they will be over as time goes by.
Like the oceans turned to deserts here in the UAE, 🏜
Like the mountains turned to fairy chimneys in Turkey, ⛰
Our love for each other can shrink but be reborn over & over beautifully. ♥️
A hug from you a day will be a therapeutic pill for me, thats all I need, no need for a painful shot baby, just you. I love you.












April 4
Half day tour & the other half we had some rest. (There’s a separate blog detailing Seychelles.)

April 5
Departure at 0815h. & at 1pm we reached Dubai, snap back to reality, let’s go back to our separate homes & this is our life.


This is not a traditional Mormon wedding… we are all expected to marry in the Temple, that’s every girl’s dream in our Church. I’ll just let people do the talk, cus they don’t really matter anyway. We got married to do the right thing & be legal in this country. If you are gifted with solid depth, you would understand. And for the two of us, I know that God is with us since day 1 til the end of the wedding trip, blessings continually pouring in thru all the uncertainties. In my book, they are the best. This is our choice. And temple sealing is our next target. Thank you for reading, God bless you all.






🌊Seychelles, a Love Island🏝

Seychelles, a small island in East Africa, a relaxation from stressful cities, people & leeches. There are only 90, 000 dwellers, their main source of income is Tourism & the crime rate is low. They speak Creole, French & English. It’s a very simple place to live in, no wonder why many people around the globe choose to have their staycation in this lil island. It reminds me of my relative’s province, when I once had my vacation in Ilocos Sur. Living in a humble abode, the beach is just nearby & you can just take a walk with your hubby and appreciate life together.🌏

Wonder how Seychelles became Seychelles? Lemme share you about what I’ve learned from our chauffeur slash tourist guide. Seychelles was just a quiet island before with no one inhabiting the place. In olden times Arabs used to take slaves from East Africa (Ethiopia, Somalia,etc) but the Brits stopped them and took the slaves and kept them in Seychelles Island. There begun the journey for freedom of the slaves and they developed their country with the help of the British government. During the British colonization their main source of income were peppermint & coco production. When they became independent on the year 1960s, construction of Seychelles Airport started their break away to the Tourism World and became one of the sought-after attractions in the world. By the way, before when they didn’t have an airport, they used to travel via boat so it took like 2-3 day ride going to their neighbouring countries.😲


So Mr. Francis the chauffeur, oriented us where to go to before going to places, our aim is to visit Victoria, Eden Island & a nice beach to chill with.🚘


That island with lots of red roof is an artificial island called ‘Eden Island’ built and owned by South Africans. People don’t only visit Seychelles, some of them migrate here to live a simple and enjoyable beach life, most of them are whites, including South Africans. They actually make pretty good businesses here.🏞

Mi amore. I’m loving him more after our wedding. My favorite view. My heart is bursting with love right now. He’s my Oasis of Calm, while I’m his Roaring Thunder. Lol
An enigma to me that rings true, someone will really accept you for who you are & won’t make a big fuss out of it.🏖


Tropical fruits anyone? Too bad the vendor was not around, I would love to ferment those Santol seeds with vinegar and eat them afterwards.🍈🍑🍌


Let’s take a dip and mermaid for a bit.🐙


That sunshine feeling watching for the  sun to set in our own paradise, indeed I am happy.🌞


The reflection of the sunset slapping this scenic view is my own kind of bliss. Getting married is a relief, it’s like you’ve dislodged a wishbone out of your throat. Yeah, that kind of feeling.🐚🌅

The capital city of Seychelles.🦀


Here’s a truck load of big fishes. Its like Philippines huh. Most of it actually…. key chains, accessories, shells…it’s just that Seychelles is very overrated, 10x more expensive than the Philippines, 2x more expensive than UAE & Turkey.🐟🦐


The only Hindu Indian Temple, it just caught my attention cus it is very colourful. Like a candy to the eye, I’m sure every histrionic person would agree.🕍


These big turtles were rescued from the forest when they have to develop it to residential areas. These turtles live only by land. Some do steal these turtles at night so they barricaded it with wires. Unluckily, they don’t have cctv… guess it would be more effective.🐢🐢🐢


Some spices & tea♨️


Dunno where this place is. It’s too hot, I nearly fainted. I’m really not used to the sun. I’m anemic mix w/ a skin condition. I’m such a KJ wifey. I can’t do the island girl thing.😵


He’s so happy to discover that SPAR, a grocery shop in his country is in Eden Island. He really missed South Africa & his family there…soon, sweetheart… we will see them soon.💔💞


Him making himself busy while waiting for our chauffeur going to the wedding venue. I’ve never seen him that happy on the day of our wedding.💕💕


Get you a guy who massages your pale feet just to relieve your anxiety.😝🤣


Post wedding selfie with the island people!!! The guy is our photographer & the lovely lady is our event organizer.💍💍🏝


That feeling when you’re already married. That’s non alcoholic guys, it’s grapefruit okay. Stop judging us, judges of the Earth.🥂



Get you a guy who can practice abstinence before the wedding🎊


Get you a guy who cooks breakfast when you hungry & lazy🍞🥓🍳


Our veranda for 4 days…😊


The hostess of the guesthouse gave us a warm welcome & a sweet papaya.🔪🍽😄


Intead of eating fish, we cooked lots of pork since it’s cheaper here…haha. We had our last supper at the veranda, just simply fidgeting & talking about stuffs, knowing more about each other…everyday you will discover more about the deep feelings and emotions of one another…and that for me is a very important milestone to our relationship as husband & wife.💑


This stamp symbol of Seychelles got us thinking that it looks like a butt or a peach…🍑


Then I saw this coco de mer, the world’s largest nut & can only be found in Seychelles. So we figured out that the symbol is a nut, coco de mer.😅


My shoes got me to diff countries. I love them… I’ve got lots but this pair didn’t fail to make me feel comfy on my travels. here’s to more adventures to come, my favorite shoes!!!! Fred’s in love with his boat shoes as well, he asked to take a picture of it. Haha.🐾🐾

As I thumbed through the pages of my life, I’ve figured out that tho the world didn’t always glide calmly with me, I am still blessed by spiritual Manna, heaven poured right before my eyes. That gives me an ultra energy that warped my body to go on & not let go of who I want to become. I was able to achieve my goals in upgrading my career, had a better & more satisfying working environment, garnered true friends along the way, & stayed committed to a relationship. With these blessings, I felt like I’ve reach my own zenith of my small successes intertwined, & I guess I’m ready for it. Yes I am married. And I am happy. We’re both happy. I hope the one who’s reading this is also happy. May all the bitterness of your heart be wiped away & kept anew with more joyful memories. Thank you for reading. 😗

👀A Glance To The Modern Constantinople🇹🇷

A quintessential city.. Traces of Pagan, Christian and Islam religions are all imprinted all over. While dwelling in The Great Constantinople (Istanbul) of Byzantine Empire, I am seeing the Past in the Present, cus a beautiful disaster can’t be forgotten, even if it turns someone into salt. I identify myself with Dan Brown and I feel ablazed that he included Istanbul in his novel Inferno.

We fly back from Cappadocia to Istanbul, the last day before our flight to at least visit Istanbul before we leave the country. Our legs hurt & hardly slept but it’s okay. Were still hyped for you Istanbul! This is the kind of thing where u can be exhausted and at the same time happy!



The Treasury Gate. Very mesmerizing indeed.

Dolmabahçe Palace has been the house of 6 sultans and of the 1st President of Turkey Republic, Mustafa Ataturk. It’s where he did some of his works until he died. We toured all the rooms in all floors, we even saw the President’s deathbed. My favorite room was the library, the smell of the books are so delicious, felt so good, sad thing we cannot touch any, the rule when you enter the palace is ‘for your eyes only.’ It’s fine. I respect all of it cus I love everything of it. No pictures allowed inside. But believe me, everything is jaw-droppingly amazing! Just imagine yourself that you’re the Belle in Beauty & The Beast. That’s exactly how it feels when you tour inside the Palace. An mp3 with an earphone will serve as your tour guide, it can detect where you are, explains the history of every location inside the Palace.


Clock Tower of Dolmabacheadjacent building of the Palace


Gate to the Bosphorus– through here, the Sultan had a good view of the famous Bosphorus, the boundary between Europe and Asia


The style is kinda baroque & neoclassical..I took Drafting as my course for 3 years during my hi school…I didn’t excel on the practical part, so I focused on the theories. Now I am able to appreciate the Baroque & Neoclassical Architecture, so amazing and breath-taking.


Yep, he’s not allowed to smile..& that’s the hardest job for me- to be serious.


‘Tale as old as time’ 🎶🎵




The boundary between Europe and Asia. There’s lots of tale of war & commercial exchange between tribes here.



HAGIA SOPHIA, “Holy Wisdom”

It’s the only structure who served 3 religions Pagan, Christianity & Islam. The emperors of Byzantine empire were crowned here. It was once the largest church of Roman Catholic until St. Peter Church of Rome was built.


Cerca Trova” [Seek and Find]





People who watched Inferno must be familiar with this. Even James Bond movie with Sean Connery was shoot here.

The BASILICA CISTERN is located underground, it provided water filtration system to the Great Grand Palace of Constatinople during the Byzantine Empire.
The supply of water came from the Black Sea thru aqueducts.


The Visage of MEDUSA–  At the latter end of the cistern, monuments of Medusa can be found. They are inverted sideway and upside down to counterfeit the petrifying gorgon’s gaze (Medusa is one of the Gorgon Sisters). It was believed according to myth that when you look at Medusa you will turn into stone.
From the movie Inferno, the virus that would cause plague and wipe out mankind was kept and found here near the upside down monument of Medusa.


Hahahaha. Just because I love Mulan. I look like a boy.


She’s really the conservative type. Love ya sistah! 😙

There is a booth for picture taking where in you can dress up in medieval costumes. It’s 200 lira (almost 200dhs) including 1 printed scrolled photo & another picture in a photoglow backlit frame lol plus a disc with all of the soft copy of 100+ photos taken. As usual out of those 100 pics I only got 2 nice pics. I look awful & funny..I look like a flower boy. I’ll never be serious my entire life. Even the other tourists were laughing cus i cant serious. But still it was a great experience, I wanna try it again next time, with my brows fixed and better poses. (I’m not really photogenic huhu)

I think this is a nice idea for prenup photo shoot. Dressing up in Byzantine costumes. Just a trivia, when Turks get married, all of their gifts are gold, also in India. In the Philippines, mostly are appliances, linens, housewares. Same story with U.S., I have a friend when they got wed, he shared an online site wherein the guests could just pick& buy a home appliance then deliver to their new home.



TAKSIM SQUARE Monument of The Republic

There was bombing here last year according to ate florence. I hope terrorism would stop. Why can’t we just love each other? Why can’t we just admire things without exploiting nor harassing them? Sic. God bless their souls.


Just walking towards the Taksim Square


Wondering what’s for lunch…


She’s too curious to taste the hard bagel with nutella. It’s crunchy and it tastes nice. Thanks Lolo! 😁


TRAM. Ate Florence took a picture of us with the tram, since we dont have it in our country. The first tram was used to be horse-drawn. So imagine a big calesa.


All of the colourful drama of Istanbul, we may not be able to experience it all in one day but still were so grateful. A reason to come back again. Swear, I hope everything goes well next year. It was really a dream for me to come to Turkey but I was afraid cus the airport was bombed 2x. I was afraid to die. Not ready yet. Not now. My sister was more confident to explore turkey and her incessant liner ‘if it’s your time to die then you die. God is in control of everything.’ kinda convinced me. And we are that happy that we came home alive. Some stupid mistakes were made & money has been unnecessarily wasted but still we’re grateful for the gift of life on the new years eve.

Thank you to vfs global for assisting us with the visa processing, Ms. Farah have eased my anxieties and I knew she shared with our happiness when we get a hold of our turkey visa. She laughed when we let go of our screams cus we can’t contain our euphoric state that time.


And to our ate Florence, who’s more excited for us than us, who constantly updated us and wished us well, and tour us to Istanbul. You have such a very great heart, your husband is so lucky & blessed to have you. Thank you for treating us like a family since day 1. And when I say day 1, that was when we were in hi school hehe. I still can’t forget the Graham cake you shared with us on Christmas Eve back when I was 13 years of age. We feel like you’re an angel heaven sent to us. Thank you for the free tickets to those amazing places! 😉 You will be blessed doublefold!

I’m happy to let some steam out of the kettle. I’m really talkative. My love in playing with words took me to different bounds of curiosity. I’m longing to seek more, learn more & ponder God’s magnificent creations. And that would be my goal 2018. Thank you for reading, either you skim or scan, I really do appreciate.


#turkey #istanbul #hagiasophia #basilicacistern #dolmabahçe #bosphorus #taksimsquare


You dazzle us with your splendid beauty. You’re more than a collection of pixels, indescribable, unblemished, no one can justify your worth and the worth of change you brought to us. We’re instantly smitten by your lovely charm. Eyes dilated 4x in hypnotic stares in everything we see. You fill up our HAPPINESS STASH inside, it’s been OVERFLOWING a long while.




How can a sleepy hollow tree can be full of life at the same time?

This has been the simplest yet the hardest.. we had a 4-kilometre walk appreciating the true colours of nature. For an hour, it was just us, the hollow trees, rock formations, mountains creamed in white, the whooshing sound of the river & other creatures. I was with my sister & some other tourists, friends & lovers, I could see them enjoying while our eyes are lit up with these sceneries. It felt SURREAL.

The soothing rush of the river before it bends is a relaxation to my subconscious.. and great memories of the past keeps on coming back and that makes me feel happy…


It’s kinda weird to see these creepy chucky-looking dolls. Very eye-catchy.


Walk with me and let’s find out all the twisted trails & wonders in this mystique world I’ve known…..🐾


❄Snow. Starin’ at snowflakes, that’s so enchanting. Brushing me off and makes me feel cold. And still I’m having a deep connection with the snow. Isn’t this a PROOF that a COLD-HEARTED BEING is a BEAUTY too? Isn’t this a proof that everyone’s beautiful? Oh, my lovely snow. It’s a SHEER JOY, wondrin’ if throwing snowballs is an effective emotional catharsis.  I’m having my moments haha. Omg.❄


IMG_20171230_223300_260I had imagined myself discovering the underground cities but I never expected that I’d be given this chance to witness these remnants of old. I can’t even touch any of it, I don’t wanna disgrace its epic beauty, knowing how clumsy I am. I hope everyone could see what we have seen, I’m in DEEP AWE. Everything just makes me feel so good. How could the ORDINARY CITIES in the PAST could be AN EVENTUAL PERFECTION in the present and the future?


See this stairway? This was the widest already most of them are steep & small, you gotta walk with your upper body curved down. Imagine the people living here before. IMG_20171230_223839_555

According to our tourist guide, this is a livestock pen to which they stored their flocks. Most probably small animals like chicken, ducks, etc. This underground city served as their haven when Persians, Romans and Arabs were trying to invade them, they stayed here for as long as 3 months, so they have this food storage to suffice them all throughout their stay.


Located at the center of the aisle, this has been assumed as their PUNISHMENT AREA for the invaders or wrongdoers. It’s located at the middle for PUBLIC HUMILIATION, so that everyone could see the consequence of doing bad deeds. There are 2 holes up in which they would tie the wrists of the enemy, hanging in chains, body suspended until he slowly die from dehydration. Horrific. Ouch.


This is predicted to be a SANCTUARY since the wall at the center looked like a CROSS. (Sorry I’m not a good photographer, but the middle wall is really positioned like a cross.)  It’s a small chapel and yeah Turks were Christians way back then. And that part where in there’s small door-like opening is a room for priests, seminarists. I guess. Haha. ( It’s kinda hard retrieving data in my brain, but Bilal, our tour guide is a really great story-teller. Everything he says sounds very interesting to me. I love history. It’s never  boring! )


That hole on the left side of my sissy is created as their COMMUNICATION AREA to the other room. They can’t text nor call thru phone back then. Harsh. If you were to choose, the SIMPLER life before or the COMPLICATED TECHY now? (I can hardly choose huhu)


All of the underground cities are INTERCONNECTED with TUNNELS so that if 1 city has been INVADED by the enemies they could easily en route to other city then they block the way going to that other city by rolling a 200-KILO DISC SHAPED STONE so that the enemies can’t get thru it… pretty interesting isn’t it? I’m loving all the knowledge I’ve learned here. I’m rekindling history.. it isn’t even creepy at all, it’s too interesting that all the things I loved to study during my hi school and college years, I’m seeing them in ACTUAL now… the story of BYZANTINE EMPIRE is one of my fave & all of the buried schemes in my attic cat came rushing into my conscious mind. 5000 years old, 8 floors & it could house 20k people. Hail to the Hittites for constructing the underground cities.
The only cons are first, there’s no toilet room, they are just taking it all out in a small pot lol. Second, you would really understand that having kyphosis is hard, we’re literally walking in steep stairs with our back bended on a 90- degree facing to the ground…and we have to endure it. It’s really a perfect hideaway from invaders. Well done.
Archaeologists, anthropologists, geologists & historians are really cool people. Their jobs are subject to pure imaginations. They must be loving their jobs much discovering history…


(The illustration of Derinkuyu Underground City c/o google)


Creepy is the new sexy.




Fairy Chimneys or Hodoos! Were they made out of magic? What do you think? Lem’me share to you what I’ve learned about it.


These FAIRY CHIMNEYS are originally Monasteries then became geological stone formation from volcanic ashes, snow, rain & other natural elements.  The STEMS are becoming THINNER in time as you can see since they are made up of soft tuff. While the CAPS are made up of harder basalt so it’s slower for them to shrink in size. According to geologist these rock formation later on will be deformed- be changed into a different version since NATURE has its own course to CARVE them into other shapes. That’s why I am so happy I was able to see these fairy chimneys!!! Let’s see the difference after a million years or maybe after the judgment day and lets see if this blog would still exist. 😁😁😁😁



See that? That is the biggest monastery in Cappadocia. And we have to trek all the way up. The way going up there is so steep your 2 shoes won’t fit in. We were so exhausted, our feet hurt…but I see two lil kids trailing up as well, so I don’t have the right to murmur.


My sister is so fashionista! 🌬


And photogenic too! She has lots of good shots, can’t help not to put her as my subject. 😄

Most of the tourists are Chinese, Koreans & Blondes, there’s no other Filipinos there…It’s only us. Maybe because it’s hard to get a visa. Cus we really struggled for the visa. But again. It’s all worth it.





Goreme is the most popular tourist spot in Cappadocia, it’s crowded, people visit the museum and old churches turned into rock forms, we can’t take pictures on the paintings inside the churches to protect its holiness maybe.


Oh I think I’m inside a home for students in the monastery. This looked like a long table and chairs. Imagine the seminarists sitting here for dinner.


Living in a chilly cave…
This is a true rest house…not that kind of city hotel…. A cave house, everything you see has an impact of Kapadokya’s history…it’s like every object has a resounding story to tell.. It’s like the reality world of the FLINTSTONES! And the owner OSMAN is the friendliest!! He fathered us throughout our stay. God bless him. He cooked breakfast for us, made us feel warm, covered us with blanket while we were just sleeping in a sofa at the terrace while waiting for our airport shuttle. He the best man in Cappadocia! Very humble in the humbliest city I’ve been. And people here are the nicest, our driver would stop the car allowing the cat, chicken and sheep to cross the other street. They are very dear to all sentient beings. The cars are mostly vintage. Everything is old and homey. I so love!
Coming up to this, we’re thankful for our parents they struggled to put us to college, encouraged us to take the nursing course..and now we have a fulfilling work that enables us to travel around the world.

As I travel, I’m appreciating God more and more. He is a truly Omnipotent Being. He the Greatest. Everything is a manifestation of His Power. Everything represents God himself.


Thank you Papa G for making us experience  Cappadocia  in 2 days! If we could just stretch out our stay there for a week, we could have done that but our schedule won’t allow us. The balloon ride has been cancelled for a week, but it’s fine…a reason for us to come back again.


Breaky, Breaky! Turkish breakfast, anyone?🍞🥛🥒🥚

There are more things to share, more sights to wonder, but I’m honestly running out of English vocabulary…& I forgot the rest of the stories, I tried to jot down while Bilal, the tour guide was talking but it was too fast-paced… I can’t talk more about it. Just visit Cappadocia itself and you’ll find out everything. Hehe

We were sad to leave Cappadocia at the same time excited to see Istanbul! The CAPITAL of Byzantine Empire!!!! It’s too much to handle, so I’m gonna make a separate blog for Istanbul, Turkey. Ya better watch out guys!!! Thank you for reading the Part 1: The Charm of Cappadocia.


Happy Unicorn!!!🦄

“A unicorn has the EYES TO SEE infinite possibilities and WISDOM to take advantage of them.” 🦄

“Have you taken a pause today? A moment to glance the beauty that surrounds you? The fallen leaves of a hollow tree, the melody of a song bird, the crystal blue that fills the sky? Within this moment MAGIC is happening all around you..Just pause and observe.”🦄

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🐾The Mystique Charm of Cappadoccia🐾