Nothing feels like HOME.🏠

Pale and pink. The differences don’t end there. It is more beyond the colour, our lives are completely changed and everyday we have to cope with it. Lifestyle, food preference (rice or bread), priorities and a lot more. We are still in the process of acculturizing for we’re stuck on each other’s lives now. One way to make it easier is to immerse him to the actual beauty of the Philippines and that we did last September. I’ve visited his place last year and have considered South Africa as my second home since then. Fred is really excited to visit my hometown and I am glad I didn’t let his hopes down.


In about an hour, we will reach Laoag City. He’s all giddy inside.


First off we did is to walk the dogs that were encaged for almost a month in our house. Those are Justice & Mercy with him and the one in front is our miracle baby, Romeo.


The Sinking Bell Tower

This is the only place I found historical in our place. It is called Sinking Bell Tower because it is mysteriously sinking an inch every year. (I didn’t even know about this before & yep I just googled it so I could say something about it while trying to be a tourist guide wannabe to my husband.) It was built during the Spanish Era so some 300+ years ago. (That is a thing I know of. It’s buried deep into my schemata.)


And of course, we got to attend the Church that knitted us together. He became fat after a week and sure he will get mad of me while reading this. He lose it all when he went back to Dubai, that’s how easy men lose weight. Everything is just so easy on them. They don’t even get pregnant. Dammit.


Im loving my eternal friends. Wish them all the best that the heavens could offer.



My father treat us family for dinner and Fred fell in love to the Crispy Pata dish. Well, I was just able to take a vid after we ate so, this is all I could share guys.


He was able to experience Kalesa (horse carriage) ride as well. He rode right beside the Kalesa driver.



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We went for a Lola’s day out. We pampered her with anything she wants to have but of course my granny actually aren’t after the worldly things, she just wants to spend time with us, her grandchildren, that’s all she asks for.



My mother’s hometown is in Paoay and my relatives there gave him a warm welcome. That’s him with my aunt, cousin& baby sister.


The Paoay Church. It’s one of the oldest Church in the Philippines. What more could I say? I’m too lazy to google.. I just wanna say it is truly captivating due to its enagmatic beauty.




Well this is the mystique Paoay Lake, it is well known that in the past, a Church stood in here. According to the grannies, this particular place sank because people goes to Church with the motive of impressing others of their expensive ornaments and dresses. Because they are too much prideful, God was angered and punished them by sinking this particular town.



Okay, so now we gonna check on those enormous windmills found in Bangui, Ilocos Norte.


He likes walking barefoot and I just love taking photos of him cus he’s so damn pretty. Yes he’s a pretty boy. How I wish he could do the same, but he can’t. I dunno if it’s just me not being photogenic or him being worse of taking pictures. He makes me look like an auntie in pictures & I don’t like it.


My loving mother. I love her so much. I pray for her to be healthy and fit always. I admire her selflessness and unimaginable strength. Mothers are amazing, I appreciate her even more as I enter new phases in my life.


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Isn’t he lovely? Isn’t he beautiful?🎢🎡🎢🎡

Gosh, I’m too drawn to him. I gotta stop.




My father translated it as Mount Hole. Well done, father, well done.


He is that happy 😊





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Fred loved walking in Baguio, it has lots of pine trees and he felt like it’s somewhat alike with Durban, South Africa. But then I think Baguio is more industrialized, there are too much buildings & traffics, the fog & the smoke are suspended in the air. Durban is a lot greener.



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Ate Feann and family tour us to different places in Baguio and I feel like thank you is never enough, they are too caring and nice. Ate Feann has been my mentor in life and I am so grateful I am one of her friends.


We actually went up to Baguio to accomplish something big. I’m glad my husband and siblings were there to support me as I inked a contract for a condominium in North Cambridge located in Bakekang, near SLU Annex. I just want to have something that could mirror my blood, sweat & tears. I couldn’t just let my money be sleeping in a bank, it has to be seen somewhere and it has to grow, so this is my personal decision. There you go people. Investment, insurance and travel can go along.Β  It doesn’t mean that if I travel, I don’t invest as well. And no matter what you choose in life it is fine as long as you feel fulfilled and you enjoy it.

I’m planning to have it as a restplace to stay with, but if you wish to have a transient stay just approach my brother Dimple Tabarejo contact #09754993185

The Last Night


On his last night, he asked me to go to Shakey’s because he heard from a friend that the pizzas are great there. And it’s true. He loved it.


Eye on the price, baby πŸ‘ΌIMG_20181022_164556_148

And here’s his favorite brownies. He ate 2 dozens while we stayed in Baguio overnight and before the flight my brother gave him another dozen as a pasalubong. Thanks Dimple.

There are still a lot of places for him to discover. I honestly don’t appreciate my hometown to be a tourist spot since I lived there for a long time and I am used to seeing those things. But seeing him react like everything is a wonder made me realize that seeing something new really amazes the eyes and makes you learn a lil bit more. I am happy I was able to visit home again. My family is my home and I will always go back to where I truly belong. I feel blessed that I have a husband now and I love him with all my aberrant hormones and constant pees. If you know what I mean. There’s gotta be more to life and I can’t wait for what’s next.



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