Sayonara, Japan๐ŸŒธ


Most of us were once addicted to watching animes- playing pogpags/text cards with their fave characters on it, singing japanese OSTs that we can’t even understood, feeling pretty like a sailormoon, pretending to be like Gohan and does the kame hame wave and so on. Remember when we had to run from school going home just to watch Doraemon? Or rush eating just to watch Ghostfighter? These kinds of madness are made possible, thanks to Japan. Never thought we could make it, visiting this very breathtaking country is really beyond our wildest dreams!

We’ve got 4 days but since we’re adults who need to slumber before we explore, we actually just got 2 days to tour Osaka.

We arrrived in Kansai Airport, Osaka, Japan at 12 noon. Though it was freezing cold, Super Mario & this mushroom humanoid gave us a warm welcome.


We were amazed with everything we see and the most astounding of ’em all is the bathroom. The toilet is automated, it has like a remote control in which you could just click a button & have a sitz bath, there’s even a bum cleaner, click it & a splash of water will sprinkle whatever you are aiming to be cleansed.


Even this baby changing station is so relaxing & comfy to my baby, he didn’t even cry like he’s used to cus he loved it. That’s him & Batang Tita.


We stayed in here, it’s nearby the bus station. We were actually clueless of the password of our rooms, Shadow Travel& Tours agency might be that very busy to arrange it with S-Crea. We actually picked this agency to not burden ourselves from these stuffs. I don’t know if they did it right. After we gave the downpayment, we were always seen-zoned thru chats. They assisted our family members to acquire the Japan visas. Then after inquiring from people, even a blogger already gave us the instructions on what trains to take going to our hotel, Shadow T&T changed our hotel the day b4 our flight & didn’t give us the password. Thanks for S-Crea for helping us out, they easily responded to our plea. So after that very hassle experience we were able to enter our own rooms at 5pm.



It’s so cozy staying here, everything we need is provided, including the umbrellas that we ended up not taking anyway that’s why it rained.

Day 2 Osaka Tour


We first visited the Osaka Castle built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. It’s a museum with 9 floors showing the history of Japan & Hideyoshi. I’ve learned that he’s a Lord from rags to riches, and when I say riches, he contributed much on Japan’s wealthy culture.




We were about to visit the Plum Garden near the castle but the rain chased us so we ended up buying souvenir umbrellas just to survive the rest of the day.


Here’s the tram we have to ride going to Osaka Castle.


These 2 guys in both ends are our extended family members, so blessed to have these calm & very understanding people added to our family. Hope it will last all throughout eternity.


Here’s our next stop, it’s an indoor attraction in which we could wear kimonos including geta slippers and have a tour to a japanese village of the past during the Edo era.





Heating up foods with stones or microwave ovens, which one would you prefer?

We finished the tour at 4pm and wolfed down foods that we don’t even understand just to fill in our empty tummies.

Hozenji Temple


Then before going home we visited this Buddhist temple, it’s located near Dotonbori._200229_082907_695_200229_082913_206_200229_082918_455_200229_082923_792

Arigato Gozaimas to our kind tour guide who represented Japan very well. She’s very respectful, calm & meek. She carried my baby that weighs a ton when they forbid me to carry him because I’m wearing a kimono. She even gave us very oishi chocolates as gifts.

Harry Potter World


Let us step into the World of Harry Potter & pursue that flighty, temptress adventure where our imaginations can go beyond limits.


Quentin-chan is fast asleep so he’s bound to his Dada’s chest.


Me awake now mums, where are u…


Lovin’ this chocolate frog, reminds me of HP and The Sorcerer’s Stone scene in the train when Harry, Ron & Hermione 1st met.


Battle of the wands. Dada used to read Harry Potter when he was in grade school, while I just started reading it when I was in high school. I was influenced by my friend Carla. We can’t afford to buy HP books back then so we just borrowed them from our school library. I love the Harry Potter movies, but a movie is not enough to contain all what’s in the book.


Just got sorted. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw & Slytherin, respectively. There’s no doubt about it._200229_084004_922

Quentinomoto: “Not Slytherin, not slytherin” (whispers)
Sorting hat: SLYTHERIN!!!!!!!
Quentinomot: Iehhhhhhh!!!! So what if I got an emotional range like a teaspoon just like Harry..why was he sorted in Gryffindor then? Nande????




Dada is longing for this Bertie botts. He can’t wait til my mums take a picture of it.


Lovin’ this cold butterbeer even if the weather is a chilla. Must try to make one, just need to mix butter, cream soda and caramel I guess. We got the mug as a souvenir of course.


Taking our baby with us to Hogwarts!


Elmo, Cookie Monster & Bert mascots were there willing to take pictures with us along the Sesame Street.


Batang Tito.
Quentinomoto: My Dada said I look like Tito Dimpowl


My mother sacrificed a lot for us & I’m just happy to see her happy. She’s way more beautiful & stronger than the rest of the family. It’s just that she’s a bit stubborn haha but we still love her. Love you mums!!!


I regretted not taking the Forbidden Journey ride so I went along with my husband, Alvin & my 2 siblings with this ride. I didn’t love it, I was so scared like Malfoy, I thought I’m gonna die, I just put all my energy holding on the bar and thought that Quentin needs me so I must conquer it & shouldn’t faint. Never will I go to a rollercoaster rides again.


We stayed from 9-4pm in the Universal Studio. We deserve a buffet since we skipped lunch. He all the time resists to sleep but this time he passed out. Haha. Nap time is life for my kwek-kwek.


So I have to wait for all the letters to be complete before I take a shot of them with this cliche universal globe.



Guardian of the Titans bun, anyone? It tastes yummy. Dunno what to feed my baby so I gave him a bite, he got loose stool afterwards.



Quentinomoto: Thanks to my Tita Kazo, my 2nd mother for taking care of me & letting Mama enjoy his japanese buffet. I love you lots, Tita.


Green mango or yellow mango. Both of them are candies to my eyes.


On our 4th day we have to fly back again to Philippines. It’s so tiring yet we were bewitched by Japan’s awesomeness. Bringing the Harry Potter World in their country is unbelievable, it seems so so real! Japanese people are very helpful & treat everyone with respect that you will be too shy to litter or do something silly in their place. The foods are all cute & delicious, it’s just that they are all packed, they come in handy but Quentin’s tummy are not used to it. It is sort of exciting riding on different trains, tryna talk in Niponggo with the Japanese people for instructions. It cost an arm and leg bringing the family together but the happiness they felt being in the Land of The Rising Sunย  is priceless. Hope it didn’t end too soon but it has to anyway. To the well-organized mind, saying goodbye means there’s a next great adventure coming up. So for now, SAYONARA JAPAN.


Quentinomoto: I wanna stay here, mums!!!









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