Our Spur Of The Moment Staycation in Umm Al Quwain

Experiencing the ravishing beauty of the Persian Gulf here in Umm Al Quwain rather than living in despair thinking that we can’t go home in our own countries… afterall we create our OWN HAPPINESS, so here are the details of our li’l adventure.

It was just an impulsive decision and yet we’ve got no regrets coming to Kite Beach Center. It has this caribbean vibe, the resto, beach, cabanas, hutsΒ  and even the gym, all of us did enjoy it, uhuh including the TODDLER.

This toddler is fascinated with flowers, plants and bumblebees so just by seeing these has put him in a trance already. This is how he learns, we let him experience different things thru nature and traveling.

“Look at that!,” my son shouted. His imagining it as a real car, such anΒ  artsy way of making a table out of a vintage car.

Whenever we want him to divert his attention aside from doing his usual tantrum, we just show him a picture of any animals he could see.. so there you go, you got me with this flamingo mums.

This table boat is insta-worthy so I might as well have a picture with it with my clone, thank goodness there’s a cheetah portrait over there or else he won’t cooperate.

We rented a cabana for us to relax and chill while we beachin’. Everything is beautifully woven. All 4 eyes on him of course, we were very mindful of him when we upstairs cus kids just don’t see danger.

My two boys, they’re not into taking pictures but my asian blood just can’t stop snapping everytime I see their handsomeness. (chuckles)

We didn’t expect that it comes with complimentary mixed fruits and drinks, saves us a dime for a hungry kwek-kwek.

One thing that really hooked us up just by browsing their page before coming here is the TARZAN GYM, it made me curious so I showed my husband since he loves working out, it really looks cool.

This TARZAN GYM is one of a kind since all the equipments are made up of wood making someoneΒ  renewed and strong in spirit as he works out.

I wonder how he could carry this heavy stuff while he complains on carrying the bags, trolley and the baby? πŸ’β€β™€οΈ

Okay, so he’s tryin to convince me that he’s Tarzan. πŸ˜† It’s his fave disney hero, he even want to name my boy, Klayton before.

Curiosity Queks, looking at his future self. πŸƒ

Might as well try it. We killed it son!

He just discovered the lion carved on this seat and he got excited!Β 

Did I gain muscles guys??

The beach is alive & joyful. The bouyant salty waves scared my boy at first but later on, he lets himself face it fearlessly then he tumbles as the wave crashes on him so he falls and then gets back on his knees again and on repeat. And yep, that’s my boy!

Waves come and go, but our love for you will never go, it is constantly overflowing my boy.

It’s supposed to be my annual leave this Feb-March but covid won’t allow me to go home. I don’t wanna dwell in sadness. I gotta breakfree and make my family happy.Β  Our mental health is more important than anything else. Spare some money, time & energy into trying out something new, whether it be a hobby, go on a hike or discover places you haven’t been into. This is our li’l adventure, we cannot travel far so we decided to explore the other emirates rather than just stare at a plain desert. Sure there’s more.. seek and ye shall find.. There’s gotta be more to life. πŸ₯€

Mummey: One leg front and don’t look at the camera!

Baby Q: Otei mummey.

Me this happy, channeling my inner dino self, I keep roaring with joy! Such a fascinating day for me! Thank you for taking some time to read! God bless ya’ all~ 🐣


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