Had the chance to be reunited with my bestfriend Carla whilst accomplishing my SSN.

I’m just so grateful that I have a generous and hospitable friend who welcomed me & my baby with open arms. Yes with my baby Zac. I am committed to give the best of everything and I know breastmilk is one of them. Having a 25-hour flight, 3 plane rides to& fro, 3 hand carry baggages plus pumping every 2-4 hours, it was very challenging indeed. I don’t even wanna think about it nymore. Anyway, it was a delightful 7-day stay.. Buffalo, NY is a very homey place, I can sleep whenever I like, eat unli pinoy foods like I’m in a carinderia (thanks to Carla’s mama) & I get to talk and bond with my friend whom I’ve never seen in more than a decade but the tight relationship is still there…we were talking like nothing has changed, well except for the subjects, we kinda take it to the higher notch a lil bit since we’re both mothers na. I’m just so happy to see my friend so successful, she’s too bashful to admit it, she doesn’t even want to be praised but I think she deserves all the glory & appraisal because she’s really magnificent & I knew she would go this far even when we were just on 6th grade. She’s got this positive energy that lifts you from dark abyss, I learnt to love studying & going to church because of her influence. We used to go to their house & eat tuyo ( my husband call it stinky fish) together with Dana & like finish the entire serving of rice from their humungous rice cooker. Her mom used to be shock by it, she’s got 6 kids but maybe it felt like 8, because we’re like their adopted children finishing off their rice supply. Hahahaha. There are so many things, so many memories I could recall but I am now a mother & have only a wee time to write so… the purpose of me making a blog is that I want to share the beautiful places I’ve been to. I promised to ingrain it in my heart but the mind is feeble so I should at least secure it in my blog site.


First off, we went to Niagara Falls, the one that links US & Canada via the Rainbow Bridge.

Seeing this makes you believe amidst the crimes & violence you hear all over the world, living is still blissful. And this spot is just one portion of the Earth. Like a piece of cake that you keep wanting for more…Aren’t you excited to discover more of what our planet Earth has to offer? I am so mystified even Bibip is having this good vibe.

The next day we went to the Smith Farm, visited the Sacred Grove & Hill Cumorah. This is a very significant place for us Mormons/Latter Day Saint because it is where our Prophet Joseph Smith prayed and received the revelation about our true Church and the rest becomes history, our story.


Joseph Smith’s house at a young age
In here, Joseph Smith and his family dine in together & Smith Sr. Would read the Bible especifically James 1:5-6 “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.”
Lucy Smith’s high chair borrowed by Bibip for photo’s sake
Shared beds of young Joseph & his siblings. He prayed here constantly before tucking in to bed.
Joseph Smith would come out from here & find himself in the Sacred Grove, persistently asking for the Truth.
So here are our young pioneers in a wagon.
Bibip is tired, rest assured he had lots of fun under the sun.
Ate Olea. A ray of sunshine, that’s what she is. I miss listening attentively to her stories. Take note, ATTENTIVELY. Or else, you’ll get lost.
It was believed that the golden plates were hidden in the higher deck of the cooper shop and surprisingly the mobs weren’t able to find it.


Me & bibip in the Sacred Grove. Such a blessing to have the chance to pray there. The place is truly serene and peaceful, I hope everyone can experience the solemn feeling I felt while I was there.
Children are so pure in spirit, love to see them bond in the Sacred Grove.


After visiting the Sacred Grove, we went to The Book of Mormon printing press owned by Wriggt company and I learnt how tedious a job it was printing thousands of copies that it took them 6-7months to finish all of it.

They have to put together each letter…
To come up with a verse..
Then smudge the ink like a peanut butter with these lil pom-poms…
Give it a press for some time..
Glued the spine of the book to keep them together…
Put a leather cover to make it more special…
Inked the titles with these stamps…
And that’s how they made the first batch of Book of Mormon copies. It’s such a marvellous work and a wonder.


Then our last stop is visiting the Hill Cumorah. Here we listened to the voice over of prophet Joseph’s narrative of the First Vision
There’s a room in which we could just sit and stare at the Christus while listening to the comforting message of our Saviour Jesus Christ.
Bibip and the plates, they are both GOLDEN.
Bibip relaxing, enjoying the breeze…
Our pretty Olea
Before we left, Carla brought us in a lake where we had a picnic. Just chillin’, waiting for the sky to go dim, not minding the white mosquitoes flying around us. We ate insarabasab, sweet watermelon & corn. I ate with all my heart’s content. It’s nice eating when all of us are enjoying the foods. Not minding other people’s preferences (like my husband’s or toddler’s perhaps).
This mother deserves a selfie.
The kids & the Lolo.
Bibip loved the cuddles. Thank you Tita Carla!
Thank you Sister Guerrero for the yummy insarabasab!

Then the next 2 days we got to rest… I was able to secure everything I want, including the crumbl cookies. I can’t stop saying thank you and I hope me & my dear friend will meet again… We plan to meet up, only us, no mini-mes, just us…hopefully in Hogwarts haha. We will make it happen.

I hate saying goodbye but this is life as we know it.
BbZ: I don’t wanna go home Mums, let me stay with Ate Olea l, I love it here! 🤣🤣🤣

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