Emirates Palace, Eid Mubarak! 🌙

Had the chance to experience the grandeur of Emirates Palace Hotel Resort.

Every month we flee out from our li’l pen and enjoy life in the city, at the same time to have family bonding with the Tita and Tito of Quentin.

And this resort gave us a 50% discount as a govt staff and so we grab the chance to feel the royal vibe staying in this Palace.

A quick trivia, it is actually the 3rd most expensive hotel that was ever built in the whole world and it has its own waterpark inside.

When we check in, the receptionist welcomed us and made us feel special. Seriously, the staffs here are exceptional, they treat you like a king/queen, no matter what races you are from. And I find it so thoughtful when they gave a Camel stuffed toy to Quentin and that really made his day! He clung on that toy since then.

I underestimated his size, we could hardly button his shirt 😅

We stayed in a Coral Suite, Quentin took the green apple while we eat the nuts. From the balcony you can view the astounding waterpark. We can’t wait to go and enjoy the plunge but of course the baby needs to sleep.

The room is so majestic and our favourite part is the tub, the water is coloured blue and my Son stayed there til his palms and soles became wrinkly, honestly, he stayed there maybe around an hour.

So when he finally woken up we went immediately to the pool area but then unluckily it is closed by sunset already due to covid safety guidelines and securityreasons.

In the next day we had our palace breakfast by the garden. Everything is aesthetically served. We ate a lot except for the kid who’s like magnetised to every single flower and bird he would see. He even met a falcon and you could see his jaw dropped in amazement. He stands in awe in everything he sees cus its all tantalising, can’t blame him.

Then finally!!!!! We were able to go swimming in the waterpark. There’s no one around, only us are there maybe because it’s day time. The waterpark has a man made water falls and river so the current kinda flows you in one direction.

The staffs gave us mango Sorbets and wondered if we were aware that we can also try kayaking, paddling, camel riding and have a palace tour for free and that we really don’t know. So straight away we went on a tour, there’s also a bee area, would love to feel their warmth but can’t take the risk for my kid.

Then we went paddling me and my boys, we’ve got life saving jackets so the toddler I believe is safe even if he tumbles, it’s so fun bcus everyone enjoyed it. I was just laughing most of the time cus my paddling won’t synchronise with Fred’s, my child keep exclaiming wow al though all he does is to lie down like a boss and play with the paddle.

Next stop is the camel ride.

Again my risk taker hubby took Quentin with us, Quentin thought it was a horse, he’s saying neigh neigh during the ride. I thought he would cry but he liked it, while for me it was really scary, it’s hard for me to balance, it’s much more unstable compared to an elephant ride. Nonetheless we all had fun. We also took pictures with their old Arabic majlis style dining area. It’s very interesting, all the utensils and flasks, thinking that a genie might come out as I rub it and one of my 3 wishes would be to let my family in the Philippines experience what we had just experience that time.

All in all Emirates Palace has been the best hotel I’ve been so far. Impeccably splendid and deserves its 5 stars. It’s one of the getaway to remember and if given the chance, we would come back here again.


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