I’m just a girl…standing beside my foreigner boo observing how our 2 worlds are completely different from each other.
Like how?

#1 is FOOD
He only eats beef or chicken when we go to Filipino restaurants. Even when we go to buffet, he would only appreciate the beef. And that’s it.
He’s not a fan of rice. He’s a potato head (lol). I remember him flipping his slipper, just to get rid of a sticky rice that was stuck on it while we walking out from the resto.

So there’s this pre-filled sago balls in glasses for the Gulaman drinks. And he doesn’t know about it. So he ended up getting a glass with sago balls and put water on it. He was wondering what was the purpose of sago balls? Why put them in a glass?… Oh dear, it looks odd.

In their country, once they were 18 they became independent from their parents, rent their own apartment and take care of their own selves. Very diff from our practice. I definitely stayed with my parents til I was 22 yrs old and started working abroad since then. My parents paid much for my college and I owe much from them, I am who I am right now because them. For Asians the financial umbilical cord isn’t cut @ 18. So it’s a practice for us to always give back. But for them, it’s different..they can help each other as a family but never obliged to pay back.. the parents will continue working til they become old and unable to do so. They are so independent financially which is a good thing I guess.

He’s way more matured than me…well people who knew me would expect that even without knowing him. I annoy him a lot and he’s not liking it. And even if he wants me to stop, I really can’t. I just can’t help it, I’m all over him and I tend to notice every lil silly things and make fun of it. He’s damn serious bout it, but guess what I would still keep teasing him!

#4 Language
He would always correct my grammar, intonation, proper pronunciation just because he’s a linguist. I think my English is not bad.. I even used to teach English to Koreans online before I became a full-pledged nurse.. thanks to myEOL,boss Alwin and Ate Marcelle, they trained me well. But then I’m a Filipino, I’m not born English speaker. I went to countries speaking carabao English. I’m not as good as him, that’s so given. And when I’m angry at him, most of the time it’s because he can’t understand me. One time, out of frustration I threw my phone and started crying. He’s trying to pacify me but still I can see he’s hiding his laugh. It’s so hard to argue using the English language. It’s hard to pick up the words And it’s hard to get rid of my ilocana accent. Well, it should get better in time…hope so.

Living here in the middle east is like swimming in a boiling water… It’s for real, you can count our fallen hair strands as witnesses. We get rid of the sun and usually use long sleeves since Abaya isnt required in this place. (I used to wear Abaya back in Saudi, I actually miss wearing it during summer.) Just because I don’t wanna damage my skin, I sometimes mummify myself with a veil or head scarf. And even if the mall is near I prefer using the cab instead of walking. But for him, since he’s white, he loves getting tanned by the sun. Walking on sunshine wohoooow while her girlfriend is all covered by scarf with an umbrella. Arguing inside the taxi why we have to take the taxi, with the taxi driver siding him of course. Oh well… I’m anemic and has skin condition, and exposure to the sun at bad hours are not advisable. Deal with it.

#6 …….

Am I bashing my boyfriend? Kinda. Am I complaining? Probably. Am I gonna give up? Never. There might be lots of complexities and situations to settle but actually our feelings and affection to each other are golden bridges that bind us together. Plus, We share the same religion which has a great impact to our culture. I met him at the church. Got our first date at the gym. Experienced long distance relationship for half a year. I’ve visited his awesome country, got to meet his humble family. Now working on the same country tho we are an emirate apart. Conflicts are always there, esp on my schedule but hey we’re working it out.


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