☁️ A heaven-sent compact printer for memory keepers β˜οΈ

Living in my twenties, I’ve seen how technology transitioned our life from simple to a complex wonder. When I was a kid and my parents would bring me to pay visit to their old friends’ house, while they were chatting about some adult stuffs, I would keep myself busy by looking at the photo albums of the family I barely know. I mean, at least by looking at those pictures, I could at least have a clue of what the family was like. Anyway, nuff said. In high school my friends used to print our friendship photos. Up until college wherein social media sites became the new craze.. From Friendster to Facebook, we would take pictures and just upload them to our social media wall and that’s it. The social media became our virtual albums. No need to go flipping our friends photo albums on the table of their sala room. A stalker could benefit on that as well. We barely print photos since everything is all out & so public in Facebook or Instagram, even people’s skin it’s inside out these days. What I’m saying is, if you are born in the 90s and below, you probably missed what’s been missing the whole time you’re doing selfies. Every time I go for vacation, I always gather my family for a family photo in a studio just to have a print out I mean hard copy of our photos and that could be so hectic.

That’s why when I saw this HP Sprocket, I was totally amazed cus it’s so handy, like if you go traveling, you can just print your photos in an instant. It’s smaller than my phone and maybe just twice as thick of it, it’s even ink free so no need for refill, you can personalize the photo with emojis or whatever, you can just charge it using an android charger (anyway charger is included in the box), there’s free 10 sticker photo paper, and it can be easily printed, just download the ‘hp sprocket mobile app’ and connect it to bluetooth, just like sharing something thru bluetooth, so basic, easy peasy. To a dummy & stubborn person I am, it is a relief.


Why not just choose Polaroid? Naah… to a non-photogenic person like me who has to find my best angle by taking multiple selfies (yeah 20-50 selfies), it’s not convenient nor practical to use Polaroid cam. Aside from that, the polaroid films are too expensive. 50 sheets sticker photo papers are worth 79 aed. Β And I think that’s cool. You can just choose the good ones you want to print and voila, there you have it girl! What’s the sense of having Iphone 7 plus or Samsung Galaxy 8 plus with nicer & grander pixels if you don’t print it out? Hp Sprocket will make you feel that buying your new smartphone is all worth it. It’s an amazing invention, I could use it when I go on vacation. Anywhere place I go, I could just bring it with me using a small bag. Of all gadgets, this is the one I really fell in love with without being forced or feeling coerced by sales-talking people. I am fueled by pure elation buying this in Sharaf DG.

It’s a heaven-sent, til now can’t get over it. It’s something divine. Can’t wait to explore the world wishing I could capture rainbow of endless flowers.




#HpSprocket #ilovehpsprocket



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