Newt Schamander & The Fantastic Beasts And How To React To Them

There you go Potterheads! No more sobbing, this is it! We could finally breathe again. Let’s get back to the era of Newt Schamander and his very interesting way of finding and rearing his fantastic Beasts all fitted inside his briefcase. Gryffindor has been the all time fave all throughout the hp series and this time it’s Hufflepuffs character on the spotlight. Yep. Newt is a Hufflepuff, together with Leta Lestrange (his bestfriend & first love) they love to collect fantastic Beasts. Well we dunno exactly how their tragic relationship ended up to, all i know is Lestrange did something that endangered Hogwarts but Schamander took the blame so he ended up being expelled.(Poor Dumbledore, Newt was his favorite student) So the story goes to Newt’s adventure of chasing fantastic Beasts in New York. He met his Nomaj friend Jacob and his future wife Tina Goldstein. Them 3 have fair share of crazy and fun moments collecting the missing fantastic Beasts.


Here’s the new trio. Jacob is the muggle friend, the funny & innocent to magic; Newt, the very compassionate to Beasts, petting them and teaching them to be of good use; Tina who tried to live by the rules but her pure heart stands along the way which lead her to be demoted from being an Auror.


Its somewhat like ron-harry-hermione kind of ship..But still nothing compares to these 3 naughty kids….


Here’s Newt preparing a mixture of juice spell for his pets, inside his suitcase is a magical place where he hide his pet Beasts. (Now I’m understanding my baby sister more. She pets 9 creatures, they could be good friends if both of them are non fictional characters.)


He occasionally let Jacob come with him to feed his flocks. And Jacob always gasps in amazement seeing those fantastic creatures. He then will forget everything after he come out from the suitcase.

Well that thing actually is Pickett the bowtruckle, he has an attachment-abandonment issues. He only liked Newt and no one else. He is so protective, he helped Newt escaped from being tortured to death. But he was totally devastated when Newt has no choice but to give him in exchange to the goblin gangster to obtain information about the last missing beast. Good thing Newt was able to rescue him back to his top pocket.


Here’s when Picket told Newt in a swishing sound that they need to talk. It’s funny when hee confronted him and Newton tried to explain but still won’t buy his reasons. And when Newt asked him to give him a smile…


Here’s his cute & ย sweet gesture: he stick his tongue out

What a cute tiny beast, him being protective&helpful to Newt reminds me of Dobby to Harry Potter (I love dobby the most tho) & him being naughty & attached to Newt reminds me of Tinkerbell to Peter pan. What a good mix.


Here’s the Demiguise. the invisibility cloak was woven using their hair. From the name itself, a demiguise can become invisible. ย This petite doll eyed creature was seen baby sitting the large Occamy (a big bird). It just shows that size doesn’t matter, it’s the quality of care that you give that matters most. If you have the sincerity to take care of someone, whatever your size is, your instinct will play next and everything will roll out just fine. Just trust your guts. You can pet someone and you would be so proud how big he is now because of your care. (Here I am again, twentysixing, on the road to motherhood I hope).


That dramatic cockroach in a teapot moment lol. That’s the only way to tame an Occamy, use the cockcroach as a bait then contain it inside the teapot. I got dizzy everytime Newt is chasing the beasts but still I have to stay and watch the show cus I know it would be very interesting and visually arresting. Well knowing jk.


For as much as I ship Tina goldstein and Newt Scamander together, I’m still curious about how Leta Lestrange and Newt relationship went through…they share the same passion and hobby.. well, every love story is unique, no matter how tragic it is.

Newt might still not over leta lestrange and that story will be told in the next film I guess. But events are inevitable..and it will send him back to Tina, who stick on his side, has a pure heart and together they stayed on the good side.


Here’s how it all started. Tina is that desperate to save her reputation ย after being demoted as an Audit by catching Newt petting creatures which is forbidden in the US but people are people Tina, they won’t believe you once you lose their trust & they are into the adage ‘to see is to believe, that’s how shallow the law is.


And it ended up like this. It’s so obvious that he still not over Lestrange, but upon parting with Tina he gently touched her hair showing his budding affection to her…and it’s a sign that it’s not over…it’s not yet over guys!!! They will meet up pretty soon!

I am touched when Newt helped his nomaj friend Jacob to have his own business. He exchanged his suitcase to a suitcase of Occamy’s eggshell that can be used as a collateral in establishing his own bakery. Though Jacob’s memory has to be obliviated, somewhere in his attic schemata, there are fragments he did remember as evident in the beast pastries designs he’ve made

One cannot just obliviate a memory. If it matters much to you, you cannot really forget it. You can suppress, repress or mask it, but it would still keep on coming back . Life goes on…just let it be.

Here’s what to hope for on the next film:


Maybe in the next films they will show how Grindelwald stole the elder wand and how dumbledore bested him making dumbledore he owner of it. I hope in the 2nd film he setting would be in Hogwarts but naah I heard it’s in Paris. If Johnny Depp will play gallery Grindelwald, who will play dumbledore then? I’m so excited to know more of the tragic grindelwald-dumbledore bromance. We will see more of the true colors of dumbledore.. the tragic fate history of his parents and sister’s death and how he fight for them.

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