Steady State Dreaming



The leaf that demands life to the tree… inhale, exhale… gracefully shaken by the wind in a spring breeze momentum. I step foot on the meadows, sit down and caress the grass. Lying beneath is the kingdom of ants…pull not the roots, keep them… undisturbed. (Oh,oh, that’s my fave nsg note at night time)


See the grasshopper, hopping on the grass… (oh really? The name is its act itself) Searching for a grain, a corn, a flower, a toxic leaf perhaps. Very smart buddy. He loves to store toxins especially reserved for the predator who will tame him. He enveloped a sweet karma that will inevitably come right away after his predicted death.


Is that really a chameleon in the tree? Where art thou? Do you disguise feelings too? I envy how you focus your eyes, rotator at its best, seeing two things at the same time. Whoaah. Truly awesome, they could hardly fool you. You don’t fail to fool others. Your skin is very adaptive. You can copy the color wherein you are with. Are you having a hard time? Defining yourself to your environment, must be tough huhh. Albeit, it’s a good coping mechanism. I hope you will discover your true color. It must be exhausting, fitting in….


Peeping gentle eyes in a tree trunk, who are you hiding in a hole? Aaahh. Chipmunk! Can I come in? I have Chocolala with nuts here. Can I bribe you with that? I wanna hibernate there, no alarm clock to wake me up. It must be comforting to be inside the wood, just like a placenta to a fetus-you can play carefree, & got shield from peculiar attacks. I pray you stay protected. May that tree be bypassed by cold-blooded loggers.


Oh my cuddly koala clinging as usual on the tree… clinging there forever, even a logger cutting it down won’t stop you. I admire that kind of gesture of yours. You love and must have felt loved non stop cus you cuddle a lot. Every dose of eucalyptus is what’s keeping you alive and dying at the same time. What an IRONY. Tsk,tsk.

I wanna pee. Damn it.

It’s time to manipulate this temporary bliss.

“Don’t wake me yet, fairy of the forest…. I wanna stay here for awhile. I just love seeing and observing things. I won’t touch neither of them. I can live invisibly in here.”

Wicked Forest Fairy still wave her wand and in resonating croaky voice she whispered, “Hwakehhup, people hought to know habout kyourrrr dreams.”

And snap.

My digital thumbs are back to life.









[Photos are edited & cropped from Google.]



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