Stages of Doing The Laundry: Denial. Anger. Acceptance. That’s Life.


Just finished another cycle of night duty. You sleep, get up hungry but you won’t cook cus it’s just the same food you’re cooking (beefsteak ➡tuna ➡ itlog ➡ itlog ➡ tilapia ➡ kangkong ➡ itlog). Instead you go to the mall and find something to eat. Before, you can only tolerate the TLC burger of Jollibee, you can’t even finish your fries cus you’re too full already but here you are now, devouring the biggest burger alive + the extra large fries. Amazing how every particle of your body cooperates to gobble them all up.

Then you go eye shopping. With an emphasis to the EYE. It’s 1 week before salary. You must stay strong. Don’t flip that credit card no matter how enchanting the scarfs are. No matter how you feel like the shoes are meant for you, that those shoes were truly made for you. JUST FOR YOU. No, don’t use your credit card. You know why? See, the countdown begins 10 days before salary and as the big day approaches, your excitement becomes higher (yeah, its kinda lineár). So if you use your credit card and buy the stuffs that you like now, then the 30th becomes just a normal day of the month. The thrill would be gone. And isn’t that cheating? It’s like you take some money that you didn’t work for yet. Its sweeter if you spend the money you worked hard for from the past days. You would feel it’s all worth your sweat and bloody tears. (Uu pinaghirapan ko to, hindi ko to hiningi or hinuthot lng). So yeah, the point is live within your means, kapit lang bes, konting tiis na lang Sarah, konting patatas na lang ang babalatan. Stay strong.


So after the eye shopping, go for grocery, let’s be more vegetarian beh, for now. + Tilapia again, chicken lollipop, beef again. Again and again. You don’t have your mother to cook for you. You miss your mama, you cry but you have to eat. You can show your love to your mama if you eat, she doesn’t want you to be hungry, your gastritis will attack again she doesn’t want you in pain, she loves you that much. (I hate this hugot). Now, CHEER UP.


You reach home very late at night, you thought you gonna rest? Noooooooo. Remember you still got to fix your stocks. You enter your room, here goes your own world you build in. You could go suck up in your bed. The bed….Look at thy bed. The bed is soo still and dormant. Very unlike you. You are wild and relative, a nomadic creature, no wonder your poles attract. Oh the magnet of your bed is pulling you off now. You’d love to but wait….you still got pile of clothes to wash. What the heck.

Stages of Doing the Laundry

1. Denial: How did this happen? No, you still got one set of uniform for tomorrow’s day duty.

2. Anger: I hate washing!

[ ❎ Bargaining? Nope. You’re too prideful for that. ❎Depression? Inexplainable. No words deserve to describe that. Its too individual.]

3. Acceptance: Okay go wash then put them clothes in the drier, let it stay for 1 1/2 hr, let the drier IRON your uniforms. Hahahahaha.


While you watch the drier spinning, here goes your mind relaxing, then sudden realizations come caving in from your attic cat.

‘So this drier spinning reminds me that the world is round and it keeps on revolving. What goes around, comes around. What goes up must come down then it goes up again. Yey! Excitement should die for another excitement to be born again.’

That’s it.

Then the musical tune of the drier snaps you back to reality.  You take out your clothes, now fully IRONED, very NEAT, CLEAN and WARM. (Capslock to make it intense, oh why do I always bother explaining) . Maybe you can become like that. Maybe God is IRONING your life for you to become one of His best creatures. Yes, you will become one. You’re almost there, just hold on to the rod. KAYA MO YAN.


It’s Fighting Time Buttercup!!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Stages of Doing The Laundry: Denial. Anger. Acceptance. That’s Life.

  1. I smiled up to the last quotation mark! The side of my lips reached closest to my ears when i had gone over the words “let the drier IRON your uniforms.” – oh, how i miss my old life back then. God seems to iron your life pretty well. Keep up len! 🙂

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  2. You are right about spending and ironing uniform, because best things comes from hard work and hard work is what it takes to get the best things! well done Len😉


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