Why do I crave for this and that?

I notice myself always craving for the same things wether im in that open window mode or had my eggs shrink… Have known myself not fond of sweets but a lover of salt, gotta have salt in my bag cus some taco foods here in Abu have blunt taste it makes me sad. But lately i do eat chocolates when stressed out. Well we did know mostly ย from studies that a certain compound of chocolates will activate the release of serotonin blah blah that makes you happy, ok. UHmm.. I want more answers. I’ve searched for it and discovered that craving is a left over trait from our ancestors, the homo sapiens during the Stone Age Era. It’s how they survive to keep them alive. So our cravings are the things we really need in our body. Allow me to dissect one by one the nature of my cravings thanks to the theories of natural selection.

1. Turning Into Salt

So my craving for the salty Mcdo French Fries is my body alarming me for an impending progression of dehydration. Salt is rich in Sodium Chloride รกnd Sodium Chloride attracts water. Water to my cell please. I believe I’m mildly dehydrated cus i always have cracked lips (no matter how much i replenish myself with water), pale skin (plus, im depleted with Fe)& weak grip (unless activated by the adrenaline rush). Not really into French fries before but then the chicharong bulaklak of Choco’s is out of reach, so. So.

2. It’s A Sweet Life Afterall

And my craving for sweets-chocolates on the spotlight would mean the need for glucose in my brain for it to work, work, work, work, work -to make a sound judgment about career love money and also glucose for anabolic reaction to produce more energy during toxic hours of duty.

3. Sour of Prey

And my craving for sour juice is me pleading for additional acids to my stomach cus my ย gastric juices aren’t enuf when i binge eat or maybe because my immunity is dropping and in grave need of booster.

4. Baby Spice

And my craving for spices is my way to pump up my life, keeps me upbeat and to warm me up in this air-condition-filled ironic world I’m living in. No wonder I don’t crave for it back in the Philippines.

5. Cup of Bitterness

As for craving for bitterness, errr, naah, never did I crave for it. Had too much bitterness in my life already and i hate the feeling so nooo, no thanks. Lord Voldemort would love it though. Haha



One thought on “Why do I crave for this and that?

  1. Fave, Dark chocolates galaxy..โ˜บ i love shawarma from middle east.โ˜บenjoy your cravings with limits.just dont deprive ur happiness dear..โ˜บ


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