5pm Thoughts

A chlorophyll to my leaf, color my world

A nectar to my Gumamela, sweeten my bittercup

A mitochondrion to my cell, energize me well

A frame to my portrait, hold me still

Green to my red wheel, make it complementary

Mango to my yoghurt, pump up my satiety

Scarf to my knee, arrest my bleed

Side rails to my bed, protect me from falling

Water to my tumbler, keep me alive on summer

Pole to my flag, stand up lift me high

Mole to my skin, don’t leave me

Thread to my dress, keep me together

Paint to my art, don’t bore me

Wrinkles to my face, testify of my beauty

Cling unto my hand, i’ll be your lobster.691760_1303060040560_full






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