Gifts & Curses of a Clumsy Head


#1 CURSE:Β At family dinner, you stumble a glass of water and everyone’s freaking out from their seats



GIFT: You were able to pump up a boring family dinner tradition


some get mad while some wud laugh

#2 CURSE: You can’t count the plates and glasses you break when you wash the dishes and your parents scold you for that.


Sorry, parents.i didn’t mean to break your wedding gifts

GIFT: Less plates to wash! Yassss! My plan works!!!!


#3 CURSE: Every gauze, syringe, pen, gauge something needle would fly while you search before you hand the final & precious size of cath your Doctor asks you to find


Here it is doc

GIFT: At least of all the nurses in whites, your crush doctor stares at you in AWE



#4 CURSE:Cleaning is getting it done 2x the workload cus you have to clean again what you just spilled


GIFT: Repetition makes you perfect.


Ayayy Captain!!

#5 CURSE: You tired and hungry and you go str8 to your ref and when you open it, a piece of foood fell down and made a mess so you have to clean the floor, you end up TIRED, TIRED, HUNGRY.


Gift: You will lose your will to cook and eat, you just doze off to bed. Eliminating the tired.βœ– tired.βœ– hungry.Β βœ–


Why me, Lord? Why crappy things happen to me?

#6 CURSE: You wearing eyeliners on to work but you have the mannerism of forgetting it all and rubbing your eyes while thinking


What did I do?

Gift: You’ll be discouraged to wear make up again hence you won’t have a toxic duty. Cus whenever you wear make up it’s toxic. You could ask other nurses as well


#7 CURSE: There were times when you unintentionally tripped off with the iv line of the patient upon your long awaited exit


GIFT: You were able to make your patient laugh. It’s actually humour therapy you see


See what nurse can do

#8 CURSE: You never ever wear whites on dates


Or else you’ll get doomed

GIFT: You can still make pa-cute tho



And lastly

#9 CURSE: You watching dr. House and he sees the clumsiness of Thirteen and frankly says, “You have Huntington’s”

Oh my it’s so me!!! I have those symptoms too… (sobbbbing)


GIFT:Cure me Dr House!




[Photos c/o Google]

[Based on the story of my clumsy life]


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