11/07/2015 An Epiphany

The photo depicts ย a lil boy studying his school assignments, taking advantage of the lighting near a McDonald’s restaurant~

This simple task makes him magnify the:

The Law of Focusย He is so focused in studying. A responsible student he is. You cannot be both 2 polar entities. It’s either you are one or the other. He is responsible, hence he can’t be idle.

The Law of Humilityย He is humble enough to accept his circumstances

The Law of Growth He cannot change the people who bullies him, the non lit shackle he lives in, but he can change himself, he can do better

The Law of Creationย This is a blatant response to the song I was born this way hey. The contradiction saga of nature vs. nurture continues. Being poor forfeits him with many privileges but he can do and change things in his own little ways. What he is doing is him creating a new self out of himself. And I can see if he endures to the end, he’ll be a beautiful thing.

And I know he believes in the Newton’s Law that someday his action will have a reaction .

In time,ย The Law of Patience and Reward would come true as he continues to persevere. When it’s for real that the true value of something is a direct result of the energy and intent put into it. Says someone, I forgot who it was, but I was able to recover it from my schemata.

I actually pulled out some Karmic Laws together so as to apply what I have learned. Here’s my one last comment, this photo reminds me of Africa’s saying, “SURVIVE THE DUNGEONS OF NATURE BUT ALSO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ITS OFFERINGS. close qoute



One thought on “11/07/2015 An Epiphany

  1. Definetely well said..โ˜บ Success comes within ur own goals,perseverance,endurance,desire, commitment and God’s guidance..hooyah!!!๐Ÿ˜Š


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