Sugar & Spice, and Everything Nice πŸ‘Ά




Hi! Here’s my 1st blog about my baby…

Our Lil Quentin was born on June 18, 2019 at Danat Al Emarat Hospital, the 1st hospital I worked for in the UAE. The nurses who took good care of him were Maam Vienna, Carla & others (sorry if I wasnt able to ask the names). Thank you for L5 vip ward & Ms. Mona for giving us a comfy room & also for Ate Regina, the Lactation Consultant for helping me fulfill my pledge to breastfeed my baby exclusively.


Our Quentin is like a mystery we have to solve, it’s honestly draining. It costs me a bucket of tears, cracked nips, sore boobies, sleepless nights &crazy moments that made me switch into a wicked witch to my baby, I resented the times I did that.


When he’s crying like a grunter, we all wish that he would calm down & sleep. Yes, his cry is like the noise when someone’s starting a motorcycle or when the grinder is busy grinding the gravel. But when he does sleep soundly, it feels like a golden moment, I would stare at him & mumble the words, ‘I miss you.’ How ironic life can be lol.


He carried with him a pocket full of pixie dusts. He glittered lots of blessings in our life. Miracles have come & I am so grateful. My company has given us more benefits that will help me physically & financially. Friends & church members have reached out giving me food to eat, when I dont have time to cook while I’m busy puzzling my baby. I have supportive families on both sides, my mother in law helps me a lot in soothing the baby esp. when I snap, my husband tries his best to do his father duties at night to give me a spare time to sleep & my parents’ advice & listening ears have helped me get back to my sanity when I’m having those so-called-blues.


Another blessing we had was this opportunity to have a free photoshoot sesh from Sugar & Spice Studio. The photographer is very gentle & expert in handling my baby during the photoshoot. My baby slept all throughout, that ability is so grand, I could trade myself to a baby shusher gadget. All the photos are so stellar, makes me believe that angels exist here on Earth. It all looks like my baby is on a state of convivial solitude, thanks to the calming hands of the loving photographer. It will soon to open by the end of August in Deerfields Mall. They are doing home service photoshoot, free of charge with different packages starting at 1400 dhs only.
For newborn photoshoot here are the packages

Silver Package
2 set ups
5 photos USB only

Gold Package
3 set ups
10 photos printed & w/ USB

Diamond Package
4 set ups
15 photos printed & w/ USB

Platinum Package
5 set ups
20 photos printed & w/ USB

They are catering clients here in Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Al Ain. If interested contact 0505546566, # of the owner of the shop.

My baby is a mix of Len&Fred and everything nice. I am so into him. May God bless him good health & comfort. I hope we can mold him to be a gentleman like his Dada. I love you, my Quentin, my Najma ⭐, my QamarπŸŒ™, my Galbi ❀, my life, my everything…. 🀱





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