Hi! I am up to scattering sunshine than casting shadow… My aim is to make you fall in love with Thailand and to compile all our photos (mostly mine hihi) rather than posting it one by one on fb. Not necessarily give trivias about the tell you frankly, i didn’t learn much about the places just because I was busy taking pictures (my bad), i would still try to educate tho.

When I traveled to South Africa, my soul is always wanting to have my family with me while visiting the places, i was like, ‘Oh they must see this, they must taste this awesome worsh too.’ My younger siblings are more deserving to play with cubs since they are the real lovers of pets. It’s happy traveling alone or with your significant other and it could have been happier if Β your family could see the other wonders of the world too. We tried to do that, but since we are all adults in the family- time, school, work and physical stamina are of issues to some. I am still grateful that I was able to travel with my younger siblings, Sandra & Dimple and being with them exploring Thailand is such a roller coaster delight. And I hope when we all get older if God permits, this blog could be seen by our future children and they would get inspired by the bond we have and realize that this is what family is all about.

Me and my sister allotted some of our lil earnings for this trip. It won’t hurt that much if you spend it for leisure esp if you’re with your family. It is always important to give back. Just to see them happy makes me happy as well. This break is much needed after accomplishing our exams and nursing our pets and families for 3 weeks in the Philippines. It was 4 days and 3 nights. We spent half day magnetized by our beds and the other half were like us being self satisfied Columbus-explorers searching for a lost land.

I must say during our stay, our anxiety had spread out on those days of smiling sunshines and white lilies. And we left Thailand so energized like the bull elephants on charge!


Here’s the mini-cherry on top of the regular cherry on top of the sundae of awesomeness- that is the Elephant Riding! I though we would be like princesses riding on elephants, never did I imagine that it would be so thrilling and full of oohhss and ahhhs. It was really scary and at the same time fun cus Im with my siblings, we were screaming and laughing our lungs out, like whoahhh we didn’t expect it. We thought it would just be like riding a horse. This baby elephants are real giants with gigantic po0poos.



And yes, we did still manage to paste a smile on our faces like fuzzzzz


I am that genuinely happy, oh dear, saves a lot of eustress in my heart


And oooh we are that sad, getting off the elephant. It’s worth the 30 minute bumpy ride! Thank you King of the Jungle!



Bye elephants, thank you for the thriller ride~


We actually road a boat going to the floating market where we could go to the Elephant Riding station.


I am that worried because our tourist guide did not show up and we paid already everything. And we only have this day to experience the elephant ride, so we used our remaining money and I am that anxious the guide won’t give us our money back. Supposedly we can only have a ride for my siblings but upon knowing our situation, our taxi driver persuaded the Thai guy to give us extra ticket so that we could go all for the ride! It’s just a proof that good samaritans come in all shapes and sizes.


Coconut ice cream for lunch anyone!




300 STEPS going up to Wat Sake and it’s worth every step! Along the way are these happy statues and garlands on top making you feel like a fairy adventurer


He used to look like that when he was a kid hehe


Believe me when I say I could be more annoying than these!



Channeling my inner anne curtis pitch! I’ll never be serious my whole life!


This kind of weather after the rain was so therapeutic, we could just wear our skin out!


Thanks for spreading happy virus to us, you might be a non- life statue but your laughter is so contagious we carried it all the way touring your temple young boy, Kob kun ka!



On the daytime, we visited Wat Intharawihan! Could you imagine..this was the haven for the prisoners of war provided by their King. And the temple had a priest officiating them. A proof that humans are all treated like humans. The king must have loved the lost sheeps.
Inside the temple, buddhist offer mackerel, flowers &boiled eggs as they pray. Pretty much the olden times, where jews offer lambs for prayer.

Wonder whats inside…


Last feb 2016, I was able to visit the Global Village in Dubai, I saw the facade of this temple as Thailand’s iconic pavilion. I’m so happy I’ve got to see the real one. Can’t believe it. It’s amazing!



Here’s how to keep it cool but at the same time posing for a quick photo~




I couldn’t care less while walking



After taking a nap, we were like hungry wolves searching for something to eat..we stayed in Bangkok Inn, and it’s a humble place to stay plus the shops are highly accessible there. We arrived at this food market outside the mall and guess what our eyes started twinkling again!


This Thai entertainer along the street represents a Thai spirit- silently funny and full of life



Of all the food selection, the Pad Thai is what amazed me the most. It’s very interesting how they cook it. If mangoes and bananas are the main products in the Phils, in Thailand, watermelon is their push over product. Watermelon juice, fruit, purse, passport notebook, shirt, etc.



Street foods stole our hearts!!!




Breakfast buffet at the hotel. They served lotssaa soup and greens, i love it! Can’t believe veggies could be this delishhhh. And their boiled midget hotdogs are our fave, in fact we carry them all along during our tour as our emergency food if you know what I mean haha


Our first selfie as we landed in the Thailand airport. We knew we’re excited about Thailand but never expected the bountiful moments we collected vacationing there. I love my country Philippines, the more I travel to places the more I appreciate my own country irregardless of the politics and poverty. Thank you for the love Thailand!!!!

A lotus symbolizes a PURE SPIRIT. Growing from the mud and dirty water, a lotus is able to RISE UP from it beautifully and with purity.

‘He who is lowborn may develop himself like the lotus growing out of the mire. The followers of Buddha shines above others thru their wisdom, like the lotus.’

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