When I was a flower girl in weddings, what I was always rooting for was the moment when I hear the words, ‘you may now kiss the bride’… Now that I am a bride, I am rooting for the moment when the officiator said ‘you are now HUSBAND and WIFE,’
that moment when we’re free to do whatever we want,
that moment when we turn our what if to why not,
that moment when our fantasies become living realities & can add them up to our happiness stash….



3 months before the wedding we were just planning casually, like we did last year, no tentative dates but if our circumstances permit, we want it the soonest. Delays got me down last year due to time constraint, idea conflicts & bi-national marriage issues.

1 month before the wedding, still I didn’t feel any excitement… I was even perplexed that I am more looking forward to the Backstreet Boys Concert on April 20 than my wedding on April 3. Could you imagine?

Then a week before the wedding, I started having cold feet & hiccups praying everyday that everything will turn out fine. When I received the itinerary for our big day, tears welled on my eyes but I used all my might & strength to stop my emotions to flow that time cus I was at work & had to deal with a toxic patient.

A day before our flight to Seychelles, I didn’t really prepare that much… I just put on my usual yoghurt mask, that’s it. The rest was making myself happy by watching My Gf is A Gumiho w/ my roomie, Carla.

I actually never dreamt of a beach wedding.
Fred has a church friend who’s also married to a Filipina and they recommended Seychelles where you could just rush in for a wedding, only copies of birth certificates & passports are required, that’s all, thanks. No more freakin’ authentication and extra papers that are so useless.
I didn’t have any hassle organizing it cus the agency wedding-in-seychelles.comΒ  did it all.

Beach Wedding Package
– 7000 dhs (including all legal papers)
Guesthouse-1000 dhs (3nights)
Flights- 2000 dhs (discounted special tickets from Emirates Airways orig price is 5600 dhs)


It was such a relief that God did help us carry our financial load all through out the way… we opted for a guesthouse- we had our room, own kitchen & veranda. It’s self catering, so we were able to act out our role as husband and wife living on the same roof, something that we could hardly do when we come back to UAE since he’s working in Dubai & I am working in Abu Dhabi Western Region. Plus, it’s just 2 minutes away from the beach.

For my wedding dress I just bought it online in Jollychic for 120 dhs& the shoes maybe 30 dhs & the rest of the accessories 50 dhs. (Yes, im a thrifty buyer, addicted to online shopping. I’m good with the cheap & fancy ones since I will only wear them one time)
I had no proposal, I really didn’t like that… I warned him not to do it, I didn’t want things to be OVERLY DRAMATIC. (No offense to others who had proposals. Girlfriends, I did watch your proposals, I even cried cus I am genuinely happy for you guys) I only got my wedding ring & it’s not even costly, I forced him to not buy expensive ring for me cus heaven and earth knows, including all of my families, I WILL LOST THAT RING, sooner or later. (You better watch out Fred.)

April 2
We had our flight at 0855h, I had my day duty on April 1, after my duty at 8pm, I quickly went home for shower & pack my stuffs, Fred fetch me up & we drove all the way to Dubai Airport. We arrived at 1am and Fred was so nervous & making me feel all dizzy, him walking back & forth for 5 hours. When our tickets were clinched that’s the time that we became excited again. He was too nervous because his staff ticket will just be confirmed on the day of the flight. So we were praying for 5 hours with real & pure intent. (I’M SURE ALL THE TRAVELERS OUT THERE WOULD AGREE, BELIEVE ME THERE IS NO PERFECT TRAVEL. DISASTERS ARE ALWAYS ALONG THE WAY. BUT THAT’S THE BEAUTY OF IT.) We even didn’t know if our chauffeur from the guesthouse will arrive cus theres no confirmation but again thankfully, we saw a man holding a sign board w/ Fred’s name on it. We arrived at the guesthouse & had a rest for some time…then had a walk along the beach on the late afternoon and shop for some groceries. We ate our dinner & prayed before we sleep.

April 3









Hey babe, I’ve got no vows
Lets get real, ‘que sera sera, what will be, will be.’ 🎢
I’m gonna marry you so that even if I’m tired & toxic from work, when I come home there’s still you who loves me.
I’m gonna marry you so that someone will cook for me when I’m hungry & lazy.
I’m gonna marry you because eating alone got me lonely while eating with you is oh so lovely! πŸ˜„
I’m gonna marry you cus 2 is better than one, it’s not just a maybe Taylor Swift, it’s for real. 🎢
I’m gonna marry you because I wanna discover the other worlds & I need some company. (just cus I’m not good with directions πŸ˜“ haha)
I’m gonna marry you because of the imperfect you, that fits the imperfect me & we a work in progress baby…
I’m gonna marry you cus I love you retard but you love me more, your freak wifey. πŸ’
As I outline your face with my fingertips, I am glad this is not an illusion.
Thanks for saving me from my hopeless drudgery…
Together we will battle our own Goliath or Captain Hook in life, we will shove the Icebergs, soon they will be over as time goes by.
Like the oceans turned to deserts here in the UAE, 🏜
Like the mountains turned to fairy chimneys in Turkey, β›°
Our love for each other can shrink but be reborn over & over beautifully. β™₯️
A hug from you a day will be a therapeutic pill for me, thats all I need, no need for a painful shot baby, just you. I love you.












April 4
Half day tour & the other half we had some rest. (There’s a separate blog detailing Seychelles.)

April 5
Departure at 0815h. & at 1pm we reached Dubai, snap back to reality, let’s go back to our separate homes & this is our life.


This is not a traditional Mormon wedding… we are all expected to marry in the Temple, that’s every girl’s dream in our Church. I’ll just let people do the talk, cus they don’t really matter anyway. We got married to do the right thing & be legal in this country. If you are gifted with solid depth, you would understand. And for the two of us, I know that God is with us since day 1 til the end of the wedding trip, blessings continually pouring in thru all the uncertainties. In my book, they are the best. This is our choice. And temple sealing is our next target. Thank you for reading, God bless you all.






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  1. Congratulations Len! Happy Wedding! I see how happy you are! You are beautiful, nagpretty ka in ur wedding πŸ‘—… Godbless to both of you!

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