Take Me Back To Wonderland

I’m a boring person, only stays at home, reading books, listening to talks and speeches, annoying my family, hating the cat of my sister, eating as much as my stomach sausage can capacitate, sleeping in action like the hands of a wall clock. I’m not really into travel because I can see most people do that. Okay, they’re enjoying but with the ulterior motive to show off to the fb world and make pa-sosyal. Call me rude but that’s what I see to some or maybe to all including the hypocritical me. Then and again, what matters most is the wonderful feeling it brings by that moment. And happiness is ought to be shared and bound to be contagious. So let me sprinkle some tiny bits of that moment.

Started the year right. My mother, baby sister and I visited Hongkong, the main highlight is when we visited the happiest place on earth- Disneyland. It started with the parade of all my childhood fantasy idols. I saw the princesses winking & waving back at us, cross-eyed Tinkerbell sticking out her tongue (that was funny), Mickey Mouse dancing to the beat, Simba & Tarzan with the jungle plots coupled with Disney music. Hearing the theme songs and seeing them in actual relived the heart- filling & breaking moments during childhood. Moments when we were in front of the TV seeing the betamax swallow the tape and then the logo of Walt Disney appears. I remember back then, I wanna be in ย Wonderland, I tried to go inside the television and ended up hitting my head of course. That’s my honest centration logic when I was 5, thinking that I’d be a giant if I could enter in hayyss that’s so lacking of conservation psyche and I hope Piaget could understand lol.

I used my tab to take a video of the parade and while doing that I couldn’t stop sobbing but I must stop for the sake of my eyeliner, ooh stop! Imagine the struggle? My eyeliner made me look mental and that was a major major contributing factor why 91% of my photos sucks. Couldn’t stop crying cus beside me was a chinky-eyed toddler with her dad and I remember this was my childhood dream. (Insert* A dream is a wish that your heart desire*) I’ve realized buried deep within my heart, I had longingly desired to meet my childhood friends and here they are.


This is the house of Pooh & Friends. My close friend Danica used to collect Pooh items at grade school but I don’t fancy Pooh that much before except the Pooh Cotton Candy being sold in a mini store ย infront of our schoolย (so yummy). When I had a lot of lone time in Saudi, I submerged ย myself to children’s book, including Winnie-the-Pooh by A.A. Milne and since then evey words of Pooh &friends are in my pores and felt it gushing when I experienced leaving people behind. Truly reading the children’s books when I was a kid was just pictures and imaginations while reading it in my adulthood is so meaningful to life converting it into abstract emotions and perspectives.


From Denial to Acceptance, I had my grip on Pooh’s intense lines.

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