🐯A Sweet Escape To South Africa🐯

Scaffolding my life to the fullest…

Hey! Got my blogging ball rolling!! Sometimes I lose steam due to some toxic circumstances but as they said, don’t let your momentum be ruined by a single cockroach. So I just gotta let my mind flow and here we go.

Here’s a true story. Ofw routine- work,eat then sleep, with a lot of browsing the fb and ig in between. While browsing, I see people traveling here and there. Enjoying nature or snow, taking pictures of buildings and statues, hangin’ out to popular restos with their in demand gadgets, like okay, how lucky are they. I’ve noticed this trend, like if someone goes to this overrated place, others would delve and the heck they would go there too and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just saying. Haha

Well, so many things hΓ ppen in life and it’s really exhausting and suffocating to be with your emo baggage shadowing you behind. HardΒ to people, hard to enjoy. Until one spike of event triggered me to take my step and say I gotta do this. It’s now or never. I’ve gotta say it’s just an impulse, not really part of the plan..But since certain events didn’t go as it planned to be, well then I gotta take my chances to be happy. Yup. I’ll go to South Africa to take a break from this very hard LDR relationship. To where my boyfriend is, it’s where my heart is. Haha

At first I was hesitant cus it’s gonna cost me a lot, but I’ve realized I’ve been spending tons on clothes,shoes,food which gives me temporary bliss, I’ve been a responsible contributor to my family fees and that gives me a feeling of satisfaction but at the same time feel burdened as well..And now maybe this is my time to be completely happy. To have the backbone to be brave in love (lol) and get rid of the walls of fear that keeps me caged in, break the should-be-the-man-doing-everything-to-the-girl tradition. Maybe I could do the other way around.

I have a 🌽 corny thought… I subconsciously sang Vanessa Carlton’s,

‘Cus you know I’d walk a thousand miles if I could just see you tonight’

And it made me think. Oh no, I can’t do that. That would cost me my job, my health, my skin and for sure I will not be able to reach SA on foot cus I’m not good in maps. (Yurrryt I’m taking it too literally) But here’s the thing, I’ll continue with the lyrics..

‘Cus I need you and I miss you, and now I will really fly to South Africa if I could just see you…If I could just hold you, tonight.’

Uhm,it’s all worth it. With him it’s all worth it. If the universe is conspiring to delay our plans to be together, to hell with the universe, we only belong to one earth it’s just a one plane ride away and I’m with this man.

Just like the 🌟 stars, our wonderful moments are countless and these photos I am sharing are just a ✊ fistful of it.

To the person who cared to take a peek on this blog:

Hey I’m not trying to make people jealous, ldr relationship sucks, it’s like a labyrinth. You might even have a better relationship than what I have. And hey, don’t think that my social life is full of highlight reels, that I am so successful i can travel anywhere…A Huge NO. I’m just like you…Full of afflictions and trials I have to go through with just a tinge of upper syndrome. It’s like trial happiness trial trial happiness..Trialtrialtrial happiness.. I’m just sharing this cus I’m proud of the aΓ§t of bravery I did, something I didn’t imagine to do in my entire life. I’m just like you, a human being constantly beaten by trials, dwarfed by the world, to the point of even limping and having a dramatic meltdown, but just like you, I DESERVE TO BE HAPPY. WE ALL DESERVE TO BE HAPPY.


For a moment i felt like I’m a proverbial breath of fresh air


Flights got delayed, parks were closed on Mondays so we just gotta take a lil nip in Walter Sisulo Botanical Garden.Β For a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down in the most delightful way. Yep, it’s a song haha


Like I can waltz the cradle even with a blindfold.

This is called the Cradle of Humankind. When I googled it I just find it amazing to take a picture outside. But as always, there’s more to it insulated inside. We had water rides touring us to different rock formation, lava, all something bout geology stuffs. So it’s like a sci-fi tour mainly tackling about evolution thing. It’s called Cradle of Humankind cus as claimed, the Australopithecus remains are found here. Do I make sense? It’s 0130h right now so I don’t know if I’m saying things straight. Hehe


He’s like the pleasant earthly smell after the rain


I believe in evolution except the theory of us evolving from apes. I believe in dinosaurs, Lamarck’s natural selection, Giants and the like but no not the thing with the apes please. Satan will say 20 truths for us to believe in 1 lie. That’s according to my mentor, Pres. Manahan. My God is not an ape.


If they claimed that this specific era is the survival of the fittest, I couldn’t have survived back then..a wild animal could have just devoured me while im smiling sweetly at the corner.


Elemento: wind, fire& earth





So we went to Rhino Park and get up close to the animals while strolling their home- turned- park. And this zebra is having the time of his life walking on our way, like he doesn’t care. YOLO zebra


I only see him in puzzles before. Happy to meet him. He doesn’t look happy tho. Poor lil thing, maybe he wants a more spacious wild.




Humbly kneeling, sweet appealing that he will stay with me no matter how beast I am. (Trying to look calm but actually I’m very scared inside)


I’m not that obvious, am I? These baby tigers are cute but still they are TIGERS, real tigers, and I hope they’re just cartoons


So I’m always at his back all the time actually haha


These baby lions are introverts. Don’t tryna burst their bubble. Oh my friends and sister are somewhat like them haha. No invasion of territory pls.


This is actually my food when I arrived in Dubai airport. Turkey cheesy bacon, it’s kinda costly but thanks to my patient who became my angel she gave me a pocket money as a result of my hardwork. Lol


I don’t know how to end this blog. Really not good in closure. Maybe I could try it with this picture of a great wall with a great guy photobombing it? Hehe


I’ll keep coming back to South Africa, I swear.