You dazzle us with your splendid beauty. You’re more than a collection of pixels, indescribable, unblemished, no one can justify your worth and the worth of change you brought to us. We’re instantly smitten by your lovely charm. Eyes dilated 4x in hypnotic stares in everything we see. You fill up our HAPPINESS STASH inside, it’s been OVERFLOWING a long while.




How can a sleepy hollow tree can be full of life at the same time?

This has been the simplest yet the hardest.. we had a 4-kilometre walk appreciating the true colours of nature. For an hour, it was just us, the hollow trees, rock formations, mountains creamed in white, the whooshing sound of the river & other creatures. I was with my sister & some other tourists, friends & lovers, I could see them enjoying while our eyes are lit up with these sceneries. It felt SURREAL.

The soothing rush of the river before it bends is a relaxation to my subconscious.. and great memories of the past keeps on coming back and that makes me feel happy…


It’s kinda weird to see these creepy chucky-looking dolls. Very eye-catchy.


Walk with me and let’s find out all the twisted trails & wonders in this mystique world I’ve known…..🐾


❄Snow. Starin’ at snowflakes, that’s so enchanting. Brushing me off and makes me feel cold. And still I’m having a deep connection with the snow. Isn’t this a PROOF that a COLD-HEARTED BEING is a BEAUTY too? Isn’t this a proof that everyone’s beautiful? Oh, my lovely snow. It’s a SHEER JOY, wondrin’ if throwing snowballs is an effective emotional catharsis.  I’m having my moments haha. Omg.❄


IMG_20171230_223300_260I had imagined myself discovering the underground cities but I never expected that I’d be given this chance to witness these remnants of old. I can’t even touch any of it, I don’t wanna disgrace its epic beauty, knowing how clumsy I am. I hope everyone could see what we have seen, I’m in DEEP AWE. Everything just makes me feel so good. How could the ORDINARY CITIES in the PAST could be AN EVENTUAL PERFECTION in the present and the future?


See this stairway? This was the widest already most of them are steep & small, you gotta walk with your upper body curved down. Imagine the people living here before. IMG_20171230_223839_555

According to our tourist guide, this is a livestock pen to which they stored their flocks. Most probably small animals like chicken, ducks, etc. This underground city served as their haven when Persians, Romans and Arabs were trying to invade them, they stayed here for as long as 3 months, so they have this food storage to suffice them all throughout their stay.


Located at the center of the aisle, this has been assumed as their PUNISHMENT AREA for the invaders or wrongdoers. It’s located at the middle for PUBLIC HUMILIATION, so that everyone could see the consequence of doing bad deeds. There are 2 holes up in which they would tie the wrists of the enemy, hanging in chains, body suspended until he slowly die from dehydration. Horrific. Ouch.


This is predicted to be a SANCTUARY since the wall at the center looked like a CROSS. (Sorry I’m not a good photographer, but the middle wall is really positioned like a cross.)  It’s a small chapel and yeah Turks were Christians way back then. And that part where in there’s small door-like opening is a room for priests, seminarists. I guess. Haha. ( It’s kinda hard retrieving data in my brain, but Bilal, our tour guide is a really great story-teller. Everything he says sounds very interesting to me. I love history. It’s never  boring! )


That hole on the left side of my sissy is created as their COMMUNICATION AREA to the other room. They can’t text nor call thru phone back then. Harsh. If you were to choose, the SIMPLER life before or the COMPLICATED TECHY now? (I can hardly choose huhu)


All of the underground cities are INTERCONNECTED with TUNNELS so that if 1 city has been INVADED by the enemies they could easily en route to other city then they block the way going to that other city by rolling a 200-KILO DISC SHAPED STONE so that the enemies can’t get thru it… pretty interesting isn’t it? I’m loving all the knowledge I’ve learned here. I’m rekindling history.. it isn’t even creepy at all, it’s too interesting that all the things I loved to study during my hi school and college years, I’m seeing them in ACTUAL now… the story of BYZANTINE EMPIRE is one of my fave & all of the buried schemes in my attic cat came rushing into my conscious mind. 5000 years old, 8 floors & it could house 20k people. Hail to the Hittites for constructing the underground cities.
The only cons are first, there’s no toilet room, they are just taking it all out in a small pot lol. Second, you would really understand that having kyphosis is hard, we’re literally walking in steep stairs with our back bended on a 90- degree facing to the ground…and we have to endure it. It’s really a perfect hideaway from invaders. Well done.
Archaeologists, anthropologists, geologists & historians are really cool people. Their jobs are subject to pure imaginations. They must be loving their jobs much discovering history…


(The illustration of Derinkuyu Underground City c/o google)


Creepy is the new sexy.




Fairy Chimneys or Hodoos! Were they made out of magic? What do you think? Lem’me share to you what I’ve learned about it.


These FAIRY CHIMNEYS are originally Monasteries then became geological stone formation from volcanic ashes, snow, rain & other natural elements.  The STEMS are becoming THINNER in time as you can see since they are made up of soft tuff. While the CAPS are made up of harder basalt so it’s slower for them to shrink in size. According to geologist these rock formation later on will be deformed- be changed into a different version since NATURE has its own course to CARVE them into other shapes. That’s why I am so happy I was able to see these fairy chimneys!!! Let’s see the difference after a million years or maybe after the judgment day and lets see if this blog would still exist. 😁😁😁😁



See that? That is the biggest monastery in Cappadocia. And we have to trek all the way up. The way going up there is so steep your 2 shoes won’t fit in. We were so exhausted, our feet hurt…but I see two lil kids trailing up as well, so I don’t have the right to murmur.


My sister is so fashionista! 🌬


And photogenic too! She has lots of good shots, can’t help not to put her as my subject. 😄

Most of the tourists are Chinese, Koreans & Blondes, there’s no other Filipinos there…It’s only us. Maybe because it’s hard to get a visa. Cus we really struggled for the visa. But again. It’s all worth it.





Goreme is the most popular tourist spot in Cappadocia, it’s crowded, people visit the museum and old churches turned into rock forms, we can’t take pictures on the paintings inside the churches to protect its holiness maybe.


Oh I think I’m inside a home for students in the monastery. This looked like a long table and chairs. Imagine the seminarists sitting here for dinner.


Living in a chilly cave…
This is a true rest house…not that kind of city hotel…. A cave house, everything you see has an impact of Kapadokya’s history…it’s like every object has a resounding story to tell.. It’s like the reality world of the FLINTSTONES! And the owner OSMAN is the friendliest!! He fathered us throughout our stay. God bless him. He cooked breakfast for us, made us feel warm, covered us with blanket while we were just sleeping in a sofa at the terrace while waiting for our airport shuttle. He the best man in Cappadocia! Very humble in the humbliest city I’ve been. And people here are the nicest, our driver would stop the car allowing the cat, chicken and sheep to cross the other street. They are very dear to all sentient beings. The cars are mostly vintage. Everything is old and homey. I so love!
Coming up to this, we’re thankful for our parents they struggled to put us to college, encouraged us to take the nursing course..and now we have a fulfilling work that enables us to travel around the world.

As I travel, I’m appreciating God more and more. He is a truly Omnipotent Being. He the Greatest. Everything is a manifestation of His Power. Everything represents God himself.


Thank you Papa G for making us experience  Cappadocia  in 2 days! If we could just stretch out our stay there for a week, we could have done that but our schedule won’t allow us. The balloon ride has been cancelled for a week, but it’s fine…a reason for us to come back again.


Breaky, Breaky! Turkish breakfast, anyone?🍞🥛🥒🥚

There are more things to share, more sights to wonder, but I’m honestly running out of English vocabulary…& I forgot the rest of the stories, I tried to jot down while Bilal, the tour guide was talking but it was too fast-paced… I can’t talk more about it. Just visit Cappadocia itself and you’ll find out everything. Hehe

We were sad to leave Cappadocia at the same time excited to see Istanbul! The CAPITAL of Byzantine Empire!!!! It’s too much to handle, so I’m gonna make a separate blog for Istanbul, Turkey. Ya better watch out guys!!! Thank you for reading the Part 1: The Charm of Cappadocia.


Happy Unicorn!!!🦄

“A unicorn has the EYES TO SEE infinite possibilities and WISDOM to take advantage of them.” 🦄

“Have you taken a pause today? A moment to glance the beauty that surrounds you? The fallen leaves of a hollow tree, the melody of a song bird, the crystal blue that fills the sky? Within this moment MAGIC is happening all around you..Just pause and observe.”🦄

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🐾The Mystique Charm of Cappadoccia🐾

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